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Columnist: Public Schools Are “The Enemy’s Re-Education Camps”

Conservative columnist Cal Thomas spoke to Daystar this week, warning that public schools are a tool of the enemy and that teaching evolution will result in the death of senior citizens.

“Don’t put your children in the enemy’s re-education camps where they’re taught they evolved from slime and their nearest relative is down at the zoo and that’s why they like bananas on their cereal, and where they don’t learn the real history of America,” Thomas said.

He went on to say that schools unfairly demonize the Pilgrims as “people who hated the Indians and deprived them of their land.”

He then turned to evolution, saying believing in the theory “will inevitably lead to the murder of the elderly and then, soon after that, the handicapped, the unwanted, the mentally unfit, and the rest.”

He noted that Obamacare will establish “death panels” (this again?) that will decide the level of healthcare one gets based on “how much you’re contributing to the tax base.”

Thomas states “I spent a lot of time in the UK and I studied the NHS and I hear these horror stories. This is coming to America. You’re going to have — now Sarah Palin called them death panels, the left didn’t like that— but there will be bureaucrats deciding who gets care, who gets surgery and who doesn’t based on your age, the cost of the procedure and a lot of other factors, how much you’re contributing to the tax base.”

Thomas then went on to say “It’s coming and the reason it’s coming is we’ve devalued human life among the unborn. It will now be attacked at the other end of life among the elderly and then soon after that the handicapped, the unwanted, the mentally unfit and the rest because once you decide that we’re evolutionary accidents, we weren’t created in the image and likeness of an objectively existing God who endows us with a right to life, then all bets are off.”

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