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Fox News Commentator: Universities Pushing “Ethnic Cleansing” of White People

Fox News commentator Todd Starnes, discussing Western Washington University’s president’s statement about the size of the school’s minority population, accused the university of pushing “ethnic cleansing” of white people.

Earlier this month, Bruce Shepard, the president of Western Washington University, spoke of the disproportionately white student population, saying “if we are as white in ten years as we are today, Western will have failed as a university.”

Starnes didn’t take kindly to that and took to the airwaves to sarcastically say “The folks over at Western Washington University have a major problem on their hands. They’ve been overrun and dare I say overwhelmed with white people. Yes, the dreaded Caucasian. Roaming the hallways of this public institution with great abandon.”

He continued, saying “President Bruce Shepard hopes to put a stop to this infestation, using his inaugural address to start a war on diversity.”

He notes that the university gave students a questionnaire asking them how the school can ensure that the population isn’t as white as it is today. Or as Starnes puts it, “In other words, how do we get rid of all the white folks?”

Starnes continued, saying “I wish Western Washington all the best as they begin their ethnic cleansing, but I do wonder if President Shepard is the right guy to lead the charge, seeing how he’s a pale-face.”

Discussing the outcry that his statements have received, Shepard writes that maybe he could have phrased his thought differently. He says maybe it would have been better if he said “In the decades ahead, should we be as white as we are today, we will be relentlessly driven toward mediocrity; or, become a sad shadow of our current self.”

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  • whatcom_bassist

    Did a little research: Starnes has a long history of being a total dickhead.

  • Geno Anderson

    Yes, the first person that should be cleansed is him, from this planet! Consider this everyone, FOX NEWS is absolutely attempting to create enough racial tension to create worldwide fighting and killing amongst whites and blacks that are less fortunate than them, and them sit back and watch the carnage. Please do not fall for their insanity. We are so much better than this!

  • D C

    President Shepard didn’t say this “last month.” He started saying it at the annual Convocation 6 YEARS ago! As a member of the WWU community, we stand behind him. The only issue at hand is that he wanted to get attention, so he used words like “less white and failure” to gain that attention. He got it, it is just laughable that it took 6 years of him using the same exact words – year after year. Had he used “we need to be more diverse” his words would have gone unnoticed.