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White Supremacists Ruin Kids’ Celebration by Sneaking Horrifically Racist Notes Into Easter Eggs

Parents in one Virginia neighborhood were horrified to find incredibly racist notes in their kids’ Easter eggs that had been placed there by white supremacists.

Jackie Smith, the parent of one child at the event, says “My husband noticed the last Easter egg and I knew it wasn’t one that we put out. We opened it and it’s got the white supremacist stuff in it.”

According to a neighbor, they found one note that said “Diversity = White Genocide” and another saying “Mass immigration and forced assimilation of non-whites into our lands is genocide.”

The notes also included the urls for WhiteManMarch.com and WhiteGenocideProject.com.

Smith says “We don’t want other kids around here who can read being like ‘Hey mommy what’s the million man white march or what’s the genocide project?’ Most of us don’t want to explain genocide to our six-year-olds.”

Her husband adds “It’s something [our son] may find and have questions about, that’s not necessary at his age. I want to explain to him. That there are people in this world who don’t think everyone is equal. Everybody’s shocked. We are genuinely floored. Why would somebody do this? Why here?”

Smith says “You can hit the whole world with the internet, stay out of my yard.”

According to The Washington Times, the White Man March occurs on the third Saturday of each month to show “that White people are united in their love for their race and in opposition to its destruction.

The paper also notes that the White Genocide Project seeks “to bring awareness to the planet about the ongoing program of genocide against White people.”

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  • Vikki Schmitt

    Horrible, these white haters make me ashamed to be white. They are sick perverted racist heathens who should leave America.

  • Sapphire Possible

    These “lands” belong to no one, especially to any one race…and there is no genocide against white people.

  • Geno Anderson

    I declare, this president and attorney General, Eric Holder have had to endure criticism, and blatant disrespect by those that claim not to see color, but who’s actions are a direct result of it! Never before in history has any president or attorney General had to relent to such hatred, and the mere concept of mentioning it, creates an arena for other racist that continue to utter the lame words of ‘pulling the race card?!’ No one is pulling any race cards, but more quoting the obvious. If after all that we have seen with both of these extremely intelligent gentlemen, anyone would like to believe that it’s merely due to their beliefs and NOT their skin color, yeah, you’re just dumb!

  • Beverly Brown

    These people are as bad as the people who stole the land from the Indians. If I recall god gave all the people the land, not just one specific race. Come on get a grip and lets live and let live.