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Homeowner Who Killed Unarmed Teens: They’re ‘Vermin’, Not Human

A Minnesota homeowner who killed two unarmed teens that had broken into his home reportedly referred to the deceased as “vermin” on an audio recording.

Smith, a 65-year-old Little Falls resident, is charged with first-degree murder after he shot and killed 18-year-old Haile Kifer and 17-year-old Nick Brady in his home on Thanksgiving Day of 2012. Smith is claiming self-defense, saying he “feared for his life”, even though the teens were unarmed and he had already shot both teens multiple times before putting his gun under Kifer’s chin for a “finishing shot.”

The former security engineer apparently had recording devices set up around his home that were confiscated by police. These captured the audio of everything that went down that day.

Smith is heard saying “They weren’t human. I don’t see them as human. I see them as vermin.”

He is also heard saying “I refuse to live in fear. I felt like I was cleaning up a mess.” He added “I was doing my civic duty.”

The jury has been played the surveillance tapes from the night of the murder. Glass is heard breaking and shortly after, Smith shoots Brady twice, uttering “You’re dead.” He then moved the dead teen into his workshop so that the blood wouldn’t stain his carpet.

That’s when Kifer, Brady’s cousin, enters, saying “Nick?” Several gunshots are heard and Kifer falls down the stairs. Smith is heard saying “Oh, sorry about that. You’re dying.” He shot her again, calling her a bitch twice. Then he dragged her body and shot her once again under the chin.

When Smith described the events, he said he “finished off” Kifer under the chin because a .22-caliber “doesn’t go through bone very well.”

The evidence doesn’t look good for Smith, who says he was scared but had caught Brady on surveillance footage looking through the window and was sitting in his basement in wait. Prosecutor Brent Wartner says “He’s down in the basement, in a chair, tucked between two bookcases at the bottom of the stairs. He said he was down there reading a book … with his Mini-14, a .22-caliber revolver, some energy bars and a bottle of water.”

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