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Radio Host: It’s ‘Inexcusable’ That US Doesn’t Have Russia-Style Anti-Gay Laws

Conservative radio host Bryan Fischer slammed the US for not installing Russia-style anti-gay laws on his show earlier this week.

Fischer started by noting the Russian propaganda law, saying “Remember Putin signed this law that prohibits teenagers… well, children, from being propagandized into homosexuality. From being indoctrinated, brainwashed into homosexuality.”

He then asserted “That’s a policy we need to have in the United States, it’s inexcusable that we allow vulnerable, innocent young children to be indoctrinated, brainwashed, propagandized into thinking that homosexual conduct is perfectly normal and absolutely benign behavior when it absolutely is not.”

This is hardly the first time Fischer has pushed for Russian-style anti-gay laws. In a broadcast last year, he said “There’s a lot of reasons for what Russia is doing here. I think one of which is their Christian heritage, they’re trying to scramble their way back to some approximation of Christian morality. They’re a long way from getting there, don’t misunderstand me, but I think it’s part of it.”

He then stated “At least they’re ahead of us on recognizing that it’s a moral evil to propagandize [homosexuality] to teenagers.”

Fischer went on to add “I can’t think of anyone in the pro-family community speaking up in defense of this law. And I’m here to do that today. It’s kind of striking to me because what Russia has done with this law is they have expressed the values that we have been advocating for years and years. We think this is risky behavior, it’s a risky lifestyle, it’s unnatural, it’s unhealthy, it’s dangerous, it’s immoral, we should not be propagating this among our teenagers.”

He then added that we should be “celebrating” the Russian laws, saying “this is public policy that we’ve been advocating and here is a nation in the world that is actually putting it into practice.”

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