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KKK Member Who Killed 3 Was Busted With Black Male Prostitute

The former Klu Klux Klan leader charged with fatally shooting three people near two Jewish centers in Kansas City had previously been arrested after being stopped with a black male prostitute dressed as a woman in his car.

According to ABC News, Frazier Glenn Cross wasn’t charged in that incident and had some interesting ties to the FBI. A former prosecutor recalls “it was pretty shocking because of his personal stances.” Cross later said he solicited the prostitute to beat him. That old gag.

Reports also say that Cross was given the last name Miller, a new Social Security number, and a new home by the FBI after he was released from prison. Cross/Miller had served three years after being arrested in 1987 after he “declared war on blacks and Jews.”

In a “declaration of war” sent to thousands of white supremacists and politicians, Cross wrote “Let the blood of our enemies flood the streets, rivers and fields of the nation. Rise up and throw off the chains which bind us to satanic, Jewish controlled and ruled federal government. Let the battle axes swing smoothly and the bullets wiss [sic]true.”

The feds busted him shortly after, finding automatic rifles, hand grenades, pistols, a box of 20 pipe bombs, and flak jackets inside his trailer.

In his letter, Cross had also written “I realize fully that I will be caught quickly. But I will die with contempt on my lips and with my sword in my hand. My fate with either be assassination or the death penalty.”

Cross reportedly agreed to cooperate with the FBI and provide information on fellow white supremacists. One civil rights activist doubts Cross’ intentions, saying “I don’t think he had any intention of being a good witness.”

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