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Alan Keyes: Bundy Not Racist Because Blacks Worse Off Now Than During Slavery

Former Congressman Alan Keyes has been a staunch supporter of Cliven Bundy and when other conservative talking heads distanced themselves from the now infamous Nevada rancher, Keyes is doubling down.

Speaking with radio host Peter Boyles, Keyes defended Cliven Bundy’s statements about “the negro” by saying he “simply spoke what he observed.”

Boyles asked Keyes if he felt Bundy’s statements were “racist” to which Keyes replied “Of course not. He simply spoke what he observed of that phenomenon and if you look at the statistics, people are all shocked and everything but in statistical terms, in terms of family integrity, in terms of employment, in terms of basic health and so forth, black folks are worse off than they have been in the history of the United States. Hear that? Worse off than they have ever been! And since that includes slavery, it’s not racist to point it out.”

Oh. Okay. What statistics are those again?

Although many have tried to distance themselves from Bundy following his statements, Keyes is far from the only one still defending the longtime tax evader. Former GOP leader Tom DeLay has also been a big supporter.

On his radio show, DeLay defended Bundy saying “He doesn’t owe the federal government anything because he doesn’t recognize that the federal government can come take his livelihood away from him and he’s standing up for the rule of law, the real law, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and fighting against what is happening to him.”

Of course, the Declaration of Independence was caused by a lack of representation over taxation bills, not taxation itself. Nevada is certainly well represented in Congress considering its home to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

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