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Radio Host: Yoga is Turning America Into Nazi Germany

Radio host Jan Markell held her “Understanding The Times” conference this weekend and WND has a great recap of the centerpiece of the event where a Holocaust survivor compares Hitler to Obama as part of a preview for an upcoming WND film (a summer blockbuster-to-be, for sure).

The WND piece starts exactly as most of them do, with ridiculous over the top hyperbole. “Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign, with its messianic characterizations – the photographs in which a halo was cast around his head, the worship-like adulation from crowds – gave Holocaust survivor Anita Dittman nightmares,” writes Laura Adelmann. “About Adolf Hitler.”

Adelmann writes “the petite 86-year-old over the weekend told a riveted audience at Olive Tree Ministry’s ‘Understanding the Times’ conference it’s because she sees clear parallels between Nazi Germany and present-day America.”

She continues, saying “Dittman said her nightmares were triggered by the left’s gushing adoration of Obama as a perceived savior.” and notes “liberals’ blind idolization of Obama mirrored Germany’s hypnotic fascination with Hitler, Dittman said of the racist tyrant whose vitriolic rhetoric dehumanized the Jewish people as a prelude to his attempts at total annihilation.”

Adelmann says Dittman worries that American churches, like Germany’s, are “walking away from the truth of Scripture, turning from biblical truths and opening the door to deception. ‘That’s how Hitler got into the churches,’ she warned.”

That’s when it gets good. Adelmann writes “Conference host Olive Tree Ministries Director Jan Markell agreed. She also cited comparisons between Nazi Germany and America during the conference, including the country adopting socialized medicine, banning prayer from school and a growing fascination with mystical spirituality

“She said Hitler was fascinated with mysticism, because ‘he knew it would crumble the Christian faith,’ and warned that Christian churches in America are likewise trying spiritual traps like walking the labyrinth, ‘Christian’ yoga and contemplative prayer.”

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