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WND Editor: You Just Don’t Find Racism in the GOP

Joseph Farah, the editor of WorldNetDaily, a conservative news and opinion site currently battling Google over content that has been deemed racist on their site, appeared on The Alex Jones Show to assert that you simply don’t find racism among Republicans.

Farrah said “It’s actually a great compliment to Bundy that the New York Times saw him as such a threat that they had to kill him… you know, politically.”

Jones then asked Farah “what would have happened if the owner of the Clippers would have been a Republican?”

Farah laughed, both of them forgetting that Los Angeles Clippers owner actually IS a Republican and has been registered with the Republican party since 1998. Farah replied “That’s a great question. Every Republican in America would be asked on camera to denounce him. And of course we see nothing like that. (Right, even though he’s a Republican) He’s a big time Democrat (incorrect), as you know. He contributed to Gray Davis, who is the reason, by the way, I moved out of California. You got a lifelong Democrat (until 20 years ago) but I know lots of conservative people and Republicans and, except if you get into the Republican establishment, country club Republicans, you just don’t find racism there.”

So, Cliven Bundy, he’s a country club Republican then?

Again, not only has Sterling been a registered Republican for nearly 20 years, Farah may want to brush up on what he thinks racism is. His site is currently in a legal battle with Google after the search engine accused WND of “hate speech” after it cited 670 headlines on WND using the term “black mob.”

If you’re not familiar with WND, Gawker accurately describes the site: “If your religion is apeshit racist ring-wingnut douchery with a side of tabloid pablum, WorldNetDaily is your online Jerusalem, pilgrim.”

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