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Pastor: Childless Women on Birth Control Are Destroying the US With ‘Whoredom’

Arizona Pastor Steven Anderson posted a sermon online in which he tells his congregation at the Faithful Word Baptist Church that birth control isn’t just turning women into “whores,” it’s downright destroying the country.

Anderson warns his followers that contraception is “not something Christians should be practicing.” He notes that God purposely made childbearing painful to “punish women for their Original Sin” and stated that the husband “shall rule over thee.”

He laments “It used to be a young woman, she gets married, she has children, and that’s her job. They literally count my wife as unemployed! She’s not unemployed, she doesn’t want to be employed. I mean, she’s a wife, she’s a mother.”

He went on to say “not only does birth control do damage to women, it hurts their body if they’re using the pills. And it also affects their character, causing them to be idle, tattler, gossip, turning aside after Satan.”

He then stated that birth control “promotes promiscuity, it promotes whoredom! Do not prostitute thy daughter to cause her to be a whore, lest the land fall to whoredom and the land become full of wickedness. And the United States today, fits that bill. If anybody has ever fit that bill, it’s the United States of America.”

The last time Anderson and his church gained national attention was when the Southern Poverty Law Center labeled them a hate group in 2010. In an interview, Anderson replied to the move by saying “Do I hate? Absolutely. Am I all about hate? No I’m sure I’m more for love than I am hate. I do hate homosexuals and if hating homosexuals makes our church a hate group then that’s what we are.”

Well, at least that last sentence is accurate.

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