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Columnist: Obama Has Done More to Fuel Racism Than Anyone in History

Conservative activist and columnist Dave Daubenmire has penned a column in which he accuses President Obama of fueling racism more than “any man in history.”

He begins his column by saying “the constant bellowing of ‘racist’ has worn thin in me. I think it’s time to bark back. Our media have become race-barkers, as obnoxious as the carnival-barkers who drove customers to the bearded lady… Today they are race-barkers who see racism behind every action.. every thought… it is now “thought” that destroys people.”

He goes on to say “Obama has done more to fan the flames of racism than any man in history. Millions of white faces voted for him hoping to prove Americans weren’t racist. He has made racism worse. He uses it to escape responsibility. He blames all criticism on his skin color. Others bark for him as well. Especially the media. He is nothing that he told us he was. Obama has done more to fuel racism than George Wallace could have ever done. If you criticize him you are (all together now) RACIST!”

He then turns to Fox News, you know, that liberal propaganda fountain. Daubenmire writes “Fox News is a sellout. O’Reilly, Hannity, Van Susteran [sic] fall over themselves apologizing for whitey. Their lead ‘house negro’ is Juan Williams. He is their expert on all thinks [sic] black…  If Juan Williams was white we would never have heard his name. Only liberal-blacks’ opinions are heard on Fox.”

Later in the column he continues to rant about how everyone but him is racist, turning to black preachers. He says “black pastors in America are still on the plantation… they keep their people slaves. They support their racist brothers and blame race rather than morality for the condition of their people. Black men don’t father their children nor marry their ‘baby mommas’. Pastors blame the white man rather than rescue their sheep. They support the government as a surrogate father. The pastors are black first and Christian second. Government is a poor god. It enslaves people to handouts.”

About the author

Igor Derysh is the Managing Editor of Latest. com and a syndicated columnist whose work has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Herald, Baltimore Sun, and Orlando Sun Sentinel, and AOL News. His work has been criticized in even more publications. Follow him on Twitter @IgorDerysh