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Radio Host: Everyone in Washington Thinks Obama is a Secret Muslim

Focal Point host Bryan Fischer asserted on Friday’s episode that “everybody” in Washington D.C. thinks President Obama is a Muslim “double-agent.”

A caller to the program said “This is a Muslim president. This is a Muslim double-agent.”

Fischer replies that the caller is “not alone in thinking that our president is a Muslim. I’ve mentioned it before, I’ve talked to people that are insiders in D.C. and they’ve told me that everybody here thinks that. They won’t say it in public, but almost everybody here believes that secretly he is a follower of the Islamic faith.”

He then says “I don’t have an answer on that question. I don’t have a position on that myself. I just know for an absolute fact that he has antipathy toward Christianity but an inordinate fondness and affection for the Islamic religion.”

Fischer has played the “Christians are being victimized” card before. A few weeks ago, he asserted that “it is now a criminal offense, it is now a punishable offense, you can be fined for being Christian in the United States of America. For living, behaving as a Christian, it has now become a crime in the United States of America.”

Of course, the story that he said that about was of a New Mexico photo studio that refused to photograph a lesbian couple’s commitment ceremony. The New Mexico Supreme Court ruled against the studio and ordered them to pay for the plaintiff’s lawyer’s fees. It’s interesting that simply hating gay people has become “Christian behavior” in Fischer’s eyes, but not acting as a Christian toward your fellow man.

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