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Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: ‘This is the First Time We Have a President Who’s an Outright Coward’

In an interview on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, former Army lieutenant colonel and Fox analyst Ralph Peters slammed President Obama for his handling of the Benghazi attack.

Peters called on Congress to subpoena former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former CIA Director David Petraeus to “pry this Stalinist administration open.”

He continued, saying: “I mean it’s Orwellian, how this administration lies and sticks to the lies and stonewalls. And the media is often complicit with it. Obama wasn’t interested in saving American lives. He didn’t want to militarize the situation because that would call more attention to it. I mean, the White House made political calls, strategic calls, but not patriotic calls.”

He continued ranting, saying “First of all, this is a pattern for President Obama. He can’t make timely decisions. He has no courage. Whether it is Benghazi or Syria, or now Vladimir Putin, for the first time in our history – we’ve had great presidents, terrible presidents, most somewhere in between – this is the first time he have had a president who’s an outright coward.”

If you aren’t familiar with Peters, this is a guy who only wears Benghazi-colored glasses. Appearing on The Kelly File in March, Peters even tied Benghazi into the search for the missing Malaysian Airline plane, saying: “The Malaysian government was obviously blindsided. They didn’t know what to do. It was sort of their Benghazi scandal. The Malaysian military was embarrassed, the Malaysian airline was embarrassed.”

That’s not as though he’s the only Fox News pundit tying the missing plane and anything they can find into Benghazi. Speaking about the images of the grieving families, Andrea Tantaros of Fox’s The Five said: “I mean, living in Malaysia, the government seemingly ignored these people. They didn’t want their stories to get out. Feels like the families of Benghazi. Just saying.”

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