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Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: ‘This is the First Time We Have a President Who’s an Outright Coward’

In an interview on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, former Army lieutenant colonel and Fox analyst Ralph Peters slammed President Obama for his handling of the Benghazi attack.

Peters called on Congress to subpoena former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former CIA Director David Petraeus to “pry this Stalinist administration open.”

He continued, saying: “I mean it’s Orwellian, how this administration lies and sticks to the lies and stonewalls. And the media is often complicit with it. Obama wasn’t interested in saving American lives. He didn’t want to militarize the situation because that would call more attention to it. I mean, the White House made political calls, strategic calls, but not patriotic calls.”

He continued ranting, saying “First of all, this is a pattern for President Obama. He can’t make timely decisions. He has no courage. Whether it is Benghazi or Syria, or now Vladimir Putin, for the first time in our history – we’ve had great presidents, terrible presidents, most somewhere in between – this is the first time he have had a president who’s an outright coward.”

If you aren’t familiar with Peters, this is a guy who only wears Benghazi-colored glasses. Appearing on The Kelly File in March, Peters even tied Benghazi into the search for the missing Malaysian Airline plane, saying: “The Malaysian government was obviously blindsided. They didn’t know what to do. It was sort of their Benghazi scandal. The Malaysian military was embarrassed, the Malaysian airline was embarrassed.”

That’s not as though he’s the only Fox News pundit tying the missing plane and anything they can find into Benghazi. Speaking about the images of the grieving families, Andrea Tantaros of Fox’s The Five said: “I mean, living in Malaysia, the government seemingly ignored these people. They didn’t want their stories to get out. Feels like the families of Benghazi. Just saying.”

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  • Cathryn Sykes

    I’m surprised he made Lt. Colonel. What a ego.

    • GilGordon

      That’s why he only made it to Lt. Colonel…at his age he should of at least retired with an eagle, not a silver oak leaf!

  • wifenum2

    Well he is much better than President Bush II who started 2 wars that were unfunded at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer….what did we get out of it but debt and dead soldiers.

  • Dennis

    ….and what Secretary Clinton said at the time was correct, it did not matter what the cause was, it was a tragic event that we (the US) could not have prevented. We cannot have a battalion of Marines or Army protecting every embassy or consulate site. People who do this for a living understand the great consequences in some cases of serving in places like Libya!! I served in Lebanon under very similar circumstances, knowing if something happen we had only the local guard force to rely on – help was not near, nor would it be timely!

    • jimbo_slice1

      No the multiple investigations that led to no results means we should keep having more fruitless investigations so Congress can have an excuse for not doing anything else this past year. Oh Yes they have done nothing

  • Anthony Barcellos

    Back when our presidents (and vice presidents!) were “brave,” they didn’t hesitate to send in the troops and watch them die from the comfort and safety of the situation room. (And, incidentally, ban press coverage of the flagged-draped coffins as they came back to a US air base.) Yeah, we used to have a really brave president!

  • Brenda McCallum

    So tired of the disrespect on the right for President Obama.

    • John Gannett

      We’ll said Brenda

    • scooterreh

      And we’re so tired of his lies and ineptitude, so I guess we’re all even.

      • dacr555

        The only ies out there are the ones the right wing are telling about Obama.

        • scooterreh

          You keep believing that. I think you’ll discover the majority of the country feels differently come elections. Obama has inflicted terrible damage to the Democrat brand and you just make yourself look stupid denying it. He has to watch the news to find out what HE is doing.

          • dacr555

            You can be sure there is not one republican I’ll vote for come election time. You keep watching the Faux news channel. They’re all liars too. Oh, speaking of elections – republicans are so afraid of what will happen that they are changing laws to try to keep people from voting. All the hogwash they put out about voter fraud is nothing but bogus. So are the republicans.

          • scooterreh

            You just keep right on believing Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, you fool. Like their policies so much, move to Chicago or Detroit. I can’t believe Americans are stupid enough to fall for their BS!

  • Guest

    what makes Him a coward ?He would’nt have to fight…

  • pam

    I”m gonna get my big brother to beat him u…bully

  • spike

    I believe under president dumbya there were 13 embassy attacks with 53 deaths were was The GOFFBALL party out rage then. Man they are really afraid of madam pres clinton already

    • scooterreh

      But no one lied about it to try and protect his image.

      • spike

        No they just lied about wmd s and and sent us to war war for personal reasons

  • Latonya D Rhodes

    Aren’t these the same ones who said he wasn’t pulling out of Afghanistan fast enough???…that his handling of North Korea was to harsh and that he was being a little too hard on China with his criticisms on their nuclear policies…smh, this man is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t…we are on the road to self implosion and the vultures are about to feed…

  • Tread7

    Thank you Lt. Col. Ralph Peters for your service and your input for the Bum in the WH !!!