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Republican Candidate: Obama “More Dangerous Than Any Other Threat We Face as a Nation’

Tom Tancredo, a former Congressman and presidential candidate and current candidate for Colorado’s gubernatorial seat gave a speech to a conservative group saying President Obama is the greatest threat the United States faces.

In a speech in front of the Jefferson County Republican Men’s Club, Tancredo said: “We are going to have to establish the whole idea of state’s rights, of the 10th Amendment. This fight is going to have to start somewhere. Let it be here, I firmly believe, because I am willing to do it. Not only willing, I am looking forward to it.” He then said if the feds try something like they did with the Bundy Ranch in Colorado, “we will have one hell of a battle about that and I will use every single lever at my disposal to stop that.”

He then turned to Obama, saying: “We have a guy in the White House that I believe, and have seen it on many occasions, is the most dangerous thing – he’s more dangerous than any other threat we face as a nation. Barack Obama, I believe, is destroying the America that I love.”

He said that the President has “methodically shredded the Constitution. He should have been impeached. He should have been impeached many times.”

He concludes by saying: “If you don’t do something about it, it’s a horrible precedent for the next dictator-in-chief.”

Back in February, Tancredo wrote a column on WorldNetDaily saying “the case for impeaching and removing President Obama grows stronger each week, as the president continues to violate the constitutional limits of his executive powers.”

He went on to say “it is time for the Republican leadership to conduct an ‘intervention’ for a president who has become addicted to dictatorial behavior. Let’s stop being enablers through silence for unconstitutional acts.”

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