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‘I Wish We’d Killed More!’: White Supremacist Couple Kiss and Smile During Murder Trial

A North Carolina white supremacist couple were all smiles as they were sentenced to life in prison for a double homicide.

Last year, Jeremy Lee Moody and Christine Moody admitted to killing 59-year-old Marvin Parker and his 51-year-old wife Gretchen because Parker was a registered sex offender.

Sheriff David Taylor says the victims were both shot and stabbed multiple times. He recalled what Moody told detectives when they caught him, saying “He says, ‘you think I’m here to rob you, I’m not here to rob you. He says ‘I’m here to kill you because you’re a child molester.”

Though Jeremy admitted to killing both victims, Christine is charged because she was present during the murder and is equally culpable.

The two showed no remorse, and actually quite the opposite. The two kissed after being sentenced to life. Jeremy Moody turned to Parker’s family and shouted “See you perverts later. That’s what child molesters get.”

Jeremy reportedly also told a reporter that “They got exactly what they deserve. Had to do it over again, I’d kill more.”

Christine Moody added “I think Jeremy and I would have done it again if given the opportunity. I have no regrets. Killing that pedophile was the best day of my life.”

In fact, they may have killed more had police not gotten to them first. The couple was reportedly planning another attack on a registered sex offender when they were arrested.

Parker’s sister Brenda Franklin says “He got what he deserved. He would kill again if he was let out. He can say whatever he wants. He’s dying in prison.”

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