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Police Officer With History of Fatal Shootings Guns Down 93-Year-Old Woman in Her Own Home

A Texas police officer fatally shot a 93-year-old woman in her home on Tuesday after she allegedly brandished a gun.

According to reports, Officer Steven  Stem (pictured above) was responding to a call about a disturbance involving 93-year-old Pearlie Golden. Her nephew says he’s the one who called the police after she began to threaten him with a gun because he took away her car keys because she is no longer allowed to drive.

According to the police report, Golden was “waving the gun in the air” in front of her home. Stem shot the woman five times after she allegedly “raised her weapon.” She was taken to a local hospital where she died from the wounds sustained in the incident.

Stem has been put on administrative leave and is now under investigation. Robertson County District Attorney Coty Siegert said “she did have a gun… Now, what she was doing with it, that is the ultimate question.”

City Attorney Bryan Russ Jr. said “what we believe is that she was instructed to drop the weapon, that is my understanding.”

This isn’t the first time Stem has fatally shot someone while on duty. In 2012, Stem shot and killed Tederalle Satchell while responding to a call about a car with several people inside that had opened fire on a group of people in a parking lot.

Stem was cleared of any wrong doing in that case but Satchell’s cousin says the officer is a danger. “What are they going to do, let him go, so he can smile and hold another pistol? You know what I mean? It’s not right.”

Police Officer With History of Fatal Shootings Guns Down 93-Year-Old Woman in Her Own Home

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  • Patrick Nance

    Five shots to the 93 year old’s body? That seems a bit excessive since each shot requires a trigger pull… methinks something is amiss here and this officer needs some serious evaluation. At 93 years old, he couldn’t over power her? Good grief…

  • Goforride

    He must be so proud he followed departmental policies to a T and protected the public.

  • Ann Marie Brown

    This cop has a history of fatal shootings and now he has shot a 93 yr old women in her house for brandishing a gun, not pointing a gun to fire at anyone but he shot her 5times that is excessive, I haven’t read anywhere that she had fired a shot, his azz should be fired anyway you look at this he is wrong 5times….BS!!!!

  • tater mcbride

    he is a stone cold killer who delights in hiding behind his badge

  • Lynn

    Supposedly she fired two warning shots to leave her alone before he fired on her.