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Report: Police Shot at Two Unarmed Men 377 TIMES

The Miami Dade Police Department and the State Attorney’s Office are investigating a wild incident in which 23 police officers opened fire on two unarmed men and fired off 377 rounds.

According to reports, 27-year-old Adrian Montesano and 50-year-old Corsini Valdes died in the hail of rounds inside their car in December. Monesano had robbed a Walgreens pharmacy at gunpoint and had shot a police officer at a local trailer park prior to the incident.

Montesano then stole the officer’s car and drove it to his grandmother’s house where he used her Volvo to escape.

Less than three minutes later, he and Valdes were in the Volvo when 23 officers opened fire on the car, hitting the vehicle with 50 of the 377 shots fired.

Eyewitness Anthony Vandiver told CBS “they were saying put your hands up, and the guys were still moving after they shot maybe 50, 60 times. And the guy tried to put his hands up. And as soon as he put his hands up, it erupted again. And that was it for them. That guy tried his best to give up.”

Vandiver added “it was like the Wild Wild West, man. Crazy. Shooting just wild. Shooting all over the place. Bullets could have come through the window. Anything could have happened, man. They weren’t thinking, they weren’t thinking at all.”

Holes were found in multiple surrounding buildings, including one where a 12-year-old and a four-month-old baby were nearly hit.

A neighbor says “the policemen that had on the black and white vests were out there laughing like it was so funny. Because they got a fee shot off them people. Shooting all them bullets like that, that don’t make no sense.”

Valdes was not involved in any crime and both men were unarmed. It’s unclear why Valdes was in the car. Montesano’s lone prior offense was for trespassing on a beach in 2007.

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