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Teacher Won’t Be Fired After Filming Herself Mocking 11-Year-Old Autistic Student Who Got Head Stuck in a Chair

A Michigan teacher who filmed herself mocking an autistic boy who got stuck in a chair will not be fired after a yearlong effort to terminate her. Instead, the district will suspend the teacher and are looking to negotiate a settlement.

When an 11-year-old student suffering from Asperger’s syndrome got stuck in a chair, teacher Nicole McVey didn’t offer to help but pulled out her cell phone instead. Both McVey and school principal Michael Ellis then taunted the boy.

Ellis resigned from his position shortly after but McVey has been in a legal battle against the district trying to terminate her.

In the video, McVey asks the boy how he got stuck and then asks him “do you want to get tasered?”

Ellis is heard saying “it’s not really an emergency in the [maintenance crew’s] book.”

McVey later wrote a letter to the boy’s parents, saying “there are no excuses or reasons or explanations for what happened. I made a significant mistake. You need to know that throughout this time my heart and my gut have told me I was wrong.

“While words will never be able to take away what happened, they provide the only means that I have to request your forgiveness for betraying your trusts in me, and to let you know that I am truly sorry. I hope that you know that I am not a bad person, but one who made a very bad series of choices on that day.”

McVey has been on administrative leave since the effort to fire her began and the district is now trying to reach a settlement with the teacher.

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