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Columnist: So Many Women Are Taking Anti-Depressants Because They Feel Guilty For Having Had an Abortion

In a special Mother’s Day edition of the Faith and Freedom radio broadcast, Matt Barber stated that there are so many women taking anti-depressants because they feel guilty about having had an abortion.

In the episode, titled “Abortion is the Real War on Women,” Barber said “forty percent of the women in America, the latest studies show, have had an abortion. Forty percent of childbearing aged women, that is an astounding number.”

“As we look at Mother’s Day, it’s little wonder that so many women are walking taking anti-depressants, carrying the burden of that,” he said. “Think about that on Mother’s Day. All the poor women who are walking around having killed their own child and the burden and the guilt that they have to be feeling because they know in their heart of hearts that’s what they’ve done despite the fact that the left and Planned Parenthood just say ‘no, no, no, it’s just a non-vital mass of tissue.’ No, they have a void, an emptiness now.

“So, on Mother’s Day there are mothers of dead babies walking around feeling the weight and the guilt having had an abortion and we need to keep them in prayer,” he continued. “Yes, they’ve sinned, but, you know, we need to keep them in prayer because there is forgiveness available.”

In the past, Barber has also said that transgender equality guidelines are the real war on women, saying that giving transgender employees full rights legalizes sexual harassment because it allows “men in skirts” into women’s restrooms and locker rooms.

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