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‘It’s a Cesspool of Sex’: Director of Megachurch Rehab Center Routinely Groped, Harassed Women and Even Laid on Top of Them as They Slept

Six women have sued the 12,000-member Rock Church and David Powers’ ABC Sober Living rehab facility, accusing the director of routinely sexually harassing women in the program.

According to the lawsuit, ABC Sober Living director David Powers fondled, sexually harassed, and even laid on top of women that were directed to his program by San Diego megachurch The Rock Church.

Irwin Zalkin, one of the attorneys representing the women, said “they’ve gone there to seek healing and what they get is a sex fest. I mean, that’s really what this place is – it’s a cesspool of sex.”

According to 20-year-old Taylor Peyton, she was directed to his program for her heroin addiction. Once there, the 54-year-old Powers allegedly came on to her, laid on top of her while she was sleeping, and groped her. According to Peyton, she left the facility after Powers “penetrated her with his fingers, then put her hand on his penis and asked her to stimulate him.”

Another plaintiff, Jaycee Peacock, said “as soon as I arrived, David began making inappropriate comments to me. Soon enough he was slapping my butt and walking into the room when I was naked. David made disgusting sexual comments and found a way to touch me every single day that I was there.”

Powers has released a statement, denying the accusations and asserting that the accusers are unreliable.

“At the end of January 2014 a female resident with mental health issues alleged that while she lived in a facility other than ours that one of our principals imposed himself on her in a sexual manner,” the statement said. “We categorically deny this allegation.”

“We take things of this nature very serious and we have always had a zero tolerance for this type of behavior,” it continues. “We have been helping people get sober for 17 years and this is the first time a rumor of this kind has ever come up.”

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