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Swastika’d White Supremacist Who Laughed as Rape Victim Testified Against Him Meets His Maker

A white supremacist with a swastika carved into his head who made headlines when he laughed while his rape victim testified against him was found dead in his cell on Saturday in what investigators are calling a suicide.

Corrections officers found 28-year-old Keith Luke unresponsive in his cell on Saturday. He was taken to the University of Massachusetts Hospital where he was placed on life support but was pronounced dead by doctors on Monday.

There was no word on how he died except that it was a suicide.

Last May, Luke was sentenced to life behind bars after he killed a 20-year-old woman and a 72-year-old man and violently raped and attempted to kill another female victim.

When the lone survivor testified against him in court, he openly laughed as she described the vicious assault. He had forced his way into the woman’s apartment and viciously raped her before shooting her in the head, arms, and chest. She survived but Selma Goncalves, who came home while Luke was raping her roommate, was fatally shot three times in the back.

On his way out of the building, Luke fatally shot 72-year-old Arlindo Goncalves (not related to Selma) with a single gunshot to the head.

Police corned the attacker in Brockton and he was arrested following a shootout. Luke said that his attacks were racially motivated. All three victims were “of Cape Verdean descent.”

Councilor-at-large Moises Rodrigues says “I think the world is a better place without Keith Luke in it. He is someone that doesn’t deserve to live, someone that has caused so much harm and so much anguish to a community, to a city. I think the world is a better place without him.”

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