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Video of Cops Shooting Mentally Ill Man 11 Times Released After Officers Cleared

The family of a mentally ill man who was shot to death by police have released footage of the incident in outrage after the officers were cleared of any wrongdoing.

In November, police were called after 26-year-old Michael Blair, suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, locked himself inside the family’s bathroom and threatened to kill himself.

When officers opened the door, they saw that he had a knife. In the video, one of the cops immediately goes into battle mode, yelling “he’s got a knife! He’s got a knife! Stay down! Stay down!”

Blair closed the door but officers kick it in and start yelling at him. One of the officers says “I do not want to shoot you. I do not want to shoot you.”

The officers asked him to drop the knife dozens of times before one of the officers tasered Blair.

Another officer yells “keep tasing, keep tasing. Drop the knife! Drop the knife!”

Blair appears to stand up and lunge toward the cops and one of the officers shoots him 11 times.

Blair’s mom, who had called the police desperate for help after her son threatened to commit suicide, can be heard crying in the background, yelling “you killed him!”

A grand jury cleared the two officers in the incident but now Blair’s family is seeking justice.

The victim’s mom, Kimberley Blair Olaniyi, said “all that we’re asking is that someone recognize what we recognize. That was brutality.”

The family has submitted a copy of the video to the U.S. Attorney’s Office and are asking for a federal civil rights investigation into the incident.

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