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Report: New Trend of Gun Extremists Threatening Women Activists With Murder, Rape

A new Mother Jones report shows a new trend of gun extremists threating female activists with rape and murder for trying to rally for gun control.

One of the examples cited shows a gun instructor in Florida using a Moms Demand Action flier for target practice. Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts says she received endless threats, noting how many times she asks herself “why does this person want to kill or rape or silence me?”

Watts says “I think the answer is that this issue touches a cultural nerve based on gender, geography, and other politics. There are pundits who make a good deal of money encouraging this type of anger.”

One woman, a teacher who was shopping at a mall, is no activist at all. She became concerned when Open Carry Texas members entered the mall with firearms and called the police. Open Carry Texas member Brett Sanders posted a video that included the teacher’s name and number and her voicemail quickly filled with vulgar threats.

She says “I really felt strongly about not changing my cellphone numbers – I’m not going to be intimidated. But it just got to the point where it’s not worth it.”

She adds “I think they are very weak men. They use their guns because that’s all they have.”

Another example is Jennifer Longdon. A former Second Amendment supporter, she was shot and paralyzed in 2004 and has been a vocal advocate for gun control since.

Last May, a man grabbed her wheelchair and aimed a gun at her. He said “Don’t you wish you had a gun now, bitch?”

He took off but Longdon says “it was like a mock execution. I’ve been about as broken as I can be by gun violence, so I’m just not going to be afraid of it again. I wish that more responsible gun owners would step into this conversation and say ‘look, those guys don’t speak for us.’”

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