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Elderly Woman With MASSIVE Tumor Turned Away From 4 Hospitals Because She Didn’t Have Insurance

An Atlanta woman was turned away by four hospitals because she didn’t have health insurance despite having a massive growing tumor in her stomach that imminently needed to be removed.

According to reports, 59-year-old Doris Lewis had a tumor so large it looked like she was pregnant. She says she didn’t even know it was a tumor at first.

Lewis said “I didn’t know it was a tumor in there. I thought I was just gaining weight at first. It’s getting bigger every day. I can feel it on my body. My heart hurts a little bit.”

Lewis went to several hospitals once the tumor began to grow to the size of a beach ball but four hospitals denied to treat her because she did not have insurance.

“I’ve been trying to get insurance for the longest but had no success,” she said.

Recently the tumor reportedly wrapped around her ovaries and she was in so much pain that she needed to be hospitalized.

Doctors at Emory University Hospital told Lewis that they would remove her tumor without insurance.

She says one of the doctors looked at her and said “you got a tumor in there so big it’s about to pop.”

Her daughter Sarina says “I don’t know how long she has to be able to live with this thing in her.”

Lewis doesn’t worry about the other hospitals now, she just wants the surgery over as soon as possible.

“It would feel great, now, if I could get it out today. Right now. It would be a blessing.”

Her surgery is scheduled for June 10.

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