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Glenn Beck Has “The Smartest Audience Ever in Television”

Glenn Beck has been getting some complaints from his viewers lately because he keeps referencing all of his revelations and “arguments with God” but never lets them in on any details. On Thursday, Beck responded to complaints by saying God hasn’t given him permission to share the info just yet.

He said plenty of other things as well.

He started his broadcast by saying “it’s funny. I’ve been counseled every step of the way not to tell people about things. And there are some things… I’ve found Paul says this a lot, ‘I have been commanded to say things’ and then Paul also says ‘by permission I will tell you these things.’”

He looks directly into the camera and says “I have not been given permission to tell you some things yet.”

“But that’s not crazy,” he says. “When I first got into television, the vice president of CNN said to me ‘Glenn, you gotta change the camera every thirty seconds. Every thirty seconds you gotta change something on the screen. People are stupid. I can wear this tie in one shot and a red tie in the next shot and the viewers won’t know the difference.’”

“He came to my office yesterday,” Beck said. “And he said ‘Glenn. Your audience is the smartest audience, I think, ever in television. They know.’ You know. You know. You are noticing things.”

Last month, Beck talked about his cryptic messages from God, saying that his “longest running, unspoken prophecy” is now becoming reality. He told them that after arguing with God, he finally accepted that “everything God warned him about is now happening,” adding that “it’s going to get ugly. But now is the time. The Malcolm X/Martin Luther King time is here. It’s here. It’s happening.”

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