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Residents Want NH Police Commish Fired for Calling Obama a ‘F***ing N***er”

Residents of Wolfesboro, New Hampshire are outraged after their Police Commissioner called President Obama a “f***ing n***er” to crowded restaurant.

According to Wolfesboro resident Jane O’Toole, she and her family were at a restaurant to celebrate her being eight years cancer-free when one of the other patrons began to loudly complain that he hated television because every time he turned it on, he sees “that f***ing n***er.”

O’Toole says she confronted the man and he “puffed up his chest.”

She said she only found out that he was Police Commissioner Robert Copeland the next day. Then she found out Copeland was running unopposed in his upcoming election.

O’Toole says “at that point, it really started to bother me that this was an elected official making these loud racist statements, but I talked to a few people in town and they said, ‘Just leave it, what good is it going to do?’ But talking to more people I knew, I got the impression this wasn’t the type of town that was going to be like that. It was going to be more supportive of me. No one sounded surprised.”

Many residents have now joined her in calling for Copeland to resign.

Wolfesboro resident Boz Hogan said “looking beyond the moral case, the practical case is, we depend on tourism, on our reputation as a welcoming town. I would hate to think a boycott of Wolfesboro could be the result of this.”

Fellow police official Joseph Balboni says that he hopes Copeland does not resign because he’s a “very nice person” and “very generous.”

Balboni said “he’s worked with a lot of blacks in his life. He said some harsh words about Mr. Obama, and here we are. This woman, she’s blowing it all out of proportion.”

Copeland didn’t deny he made the comment, but did deny that he was racist. Copeland said “the comment I made was directed at one single person. I have nothing but hatred for the president.”

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  • Patrick Nance

    And he is in charge of making sure the laws get enforced in his town? How’s that work? He admits he made the remark. What is the difference between him and Donald STerling? And please don’t try to play that “They call each other that so why is it wrong if I do it?” tune. It is because he talking about the POTUS…

    • James Baranski

      Patrick, isn’t it time you left your moms basement loser?

  • msaxie

    Thankfully the US has the freedom of speech. Commissioner Copeland has every right to call our president whatever he wants just as I have the right to call him a backwards bigot. (But I won’t call him that.)So even though we have the right to free speech we also have the right to react to free spoken comments. So his town wants him removed as a reaction to what Copeland said about President Obama. I say that is a good reaction. “Careful what you say because it can come back and bite you on the a$$.”

  • Dave Hinckley

    Mitt Romney has a summer place in Wolfeboro. Coincidence?

  • Angelo S

    ~ When I was a young man in the 70’s attending UMASS Amherst, I saw a slogan on a wall in the Dept of Ed. building; It read, “Once a [email protected]@er always a [email protected]@er”. When I asked what it meant I was told that people who act like that when they are oppressed will act like the oppressor when they come into authority over others. That was over 40 years ago and it still is branded on my mind. Unfortunately, Obama is that [email protected]@er. He cares not what the country wants. He only cares about what will perpetuate his tyrannical, lawless, reign.

    • James Baranski

      Troll, working at Walmart sucks huh loser

    • Dave Hinckley

      Hopefully, you got more out of your UMASS Amherst education than that.

      • Angelo S

        You know what I learned Hinckley? I learned to beware of hypocrites like you who preach tolerance and are willing to lynch anyone who says or thinks something you don’t like. That’s what I learned Hinckley.

        • Dave Hinckley

          S, your parents must be proud. I’m glad you learned something that you can hold up and say, “Look what I learned” Well done, S, well done.

    • Maria Hunter

      U gotta be Fu*kn kidding me Wow and it’s people like u with that type of thinking is why the world is still full of hate.

    • Goforride

      What laws has he refused to enforce when a court has directed him to do so? What actions has he taken which have been deemed illegal and he keeps doing them any way?

      Because, Bubba, that’s what lawless means.

      • Angelo S

        ~Here’s a good place to start;
        “Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 666 examples of his lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc.”
        ~ This should answer your questions;
        1. “What laws has he refused to enforce when a court has directed him to do
        2. “What actions has he taken which have been deemed illegal and he
        keeps doing them any way?”
        ~ But you won’t listen, because you’re a low information voter and you can’t fathom your messiah doing wrong.

        • Goforride

          Oh, Bubba, Bubba, Bubba. You truly are an angry, ignorant man. You’re exactly the kind of person half the Founding Fathers didn’t want to be able to vote.

          Think about this between bites of your deep fried pigs feet: If any of this were true, don’t you think lawyers from the affected parties would be all over everything. and don’t you think the GOP would have brought Articles of Impeachment a long time ago?

          Do you really and truly get your legal and political information from Dan From Squirrel Hill?

          Your overlords, the Koch Brothers, would pour millions into doing whatever it would take to get rid of Obama if any of this had even the slightest hint of reality.

          • Angelo S

            There’s no difference between Republican leadership and Democrat leadership. Both are crime syndicates. Decent lower level Democrats and Republicans have to fight tooth and nail to pass anything good.
            But your ‘Boy’ knew in ’08 that veterans were being left to die and didn’t do anything about it.

            Like I said, you won’t listen, because you’re a low information voter and you can’t fathom your messiah doing wrong.
            “Judge Jeanine: War heroes don’t leave men to die”

          • Goforride

            I can’t stop laughing!!!!!!! All I see from your link is http://www.foxnews.com . That explains everything.

            Say, Bubba, Since Obama wasn’t elected until November of 2008 and didn’t take office until January of 2009, how, exactly would he know this sort of thing in 2008 and how, exactly could he do anything about it? And if were happening, would that be the fault of your favorite war criminal, The W.?

            Your PROFOUND ignorance is chum for the Koch Brothers.

            Now get back in your truck and getting the mudder.

            Yeeee! Haaaaaaw!

          • Angelo S

            You talk like a fool. Because you can’t effectively engage in discourse.

          • Goforride

            Yeah, that must be it…YEEEEEHAAAAAAW!

  • Maria Hunter

    Wow it’s really funny how someone always makes a racial statement against black people and then the come back with the bull$%&# saying they didn’t mean it or someone is always taking up for them gtfoh with that sh$%,even if it was someone black making a racial statement it dosent make it right. He Meant what he said and said what he Meant. People just coming out with their real F..ing feelings about how they feel about blacks truth be told.

    • Dave Hinckley

      I like the fact that the commish said, “I said it, ” and then said, “I’m not a racist.” Probably actually believes it.

    • Sean Hannity


  • Ronald N. Wall

    “I have nothing but hatred for the president.” – that remark alone, from an elected official and a police chief at that, is reason enough to make sure this man is never in a position of power ever again.

    Read more at https://issuehawk.com/igor/2014/05/16/residents-want-nh-police-commish-fired-for-calling-obama-a-fing-ner.html#CaLtwH6sL4c83t3b.99

  • Sean Hannity