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Residents Want NH Police Commish Fired for Calling Obama a ‘F***ing N***er”

Residents of Wolfesboro, New Hampshire are outraged after their Police Commissioner called President Obama a “f***ing n***er” to crowded restaurant.

According to Wolfesboro resident Jane O’Toole, she and her family were at a restaurant to celebrate her being eight years cancer-free when one of the other patrons began to loudly complain that he hated television because every time he turned it on, he sees “that f***ing n***er.”

O’Toole says she confronted the man and he “puffed up his chest.”

She said she only found out that he was Police Commissioner Robert Copeland the next day. Then she found out Copeland was running unopposed in his upcoming election.

O’Toole says “at that point, it really started to bother me that this was an elected official making these loud racist statements, but I talked to a few people in town and they said, ‘Just leave it, what good is it going to do?’ But talking to more people I knew, I got the impression this wasn’t the type of town that was going to be like that. It was going to be more supportive of me. No one sounded surprised.”

Many residents have now joined her in calling for Copeland to resign.

Wolfesboro resident Boz Hogan said “looking beyond the moral case, the practical case is, we depend on tourism, on our reputation as a welcoming town. I would hate to think a boycott of Wolfesboro could be the result of this.”

Fellow police official Joseph Balboni says that he hopes Copeland does not resign because he’s a “very nice person” and “very generous.”

Balboni said “he’s worked with a lot of blacks in his life. He said some harsh words about Mr. Obama, and here we are. This woman, she’s blowing it all out of proportion.”

Copeland didn’t deny he made the comment, but did deny that he was racist. Copeland said “the comment I made was directed at one single person. I have nothing but hatred for the president.”

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