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Affluenza: Slap on the Wrist for Wealthy Man Charged With SEVENTH DUI

A Washington man has been given a mere year of work release as punishment for speeding away from cops and being busted for his seventh DUI.

Police arrested 42-year-old Joshua Shaun Goodman in December after he was caught driving over 100 miles per hour in his $70,000 Ferrari. He reportedly crashed his vehicle into two cars and house before police arrested him with their weapons drawn.

Last week, Goodman received his sentence – a year of work release which will enable him to go about his day before returning to Thurston County Jail where he will spend his nights. All this after pleading guilty to eluding police and his seventh driving under the influence charge.

Sean Miller, who organized a protest outside of the courthouse in light of the sentence, says “it’s not fair that there’s a two-tiered legal system, one for those with money and another for those without.”

The night of his arrest, Goodman met Henry Griffin who says the man was “flashing some big wads of cash and buying people drinks at the bar.”

Goodman offered to drive Griffin to another bar and exploded out of the parking lot at 100 miles per hour.

Griffin says “I’ve never felt the actual feeling of ‘hey you’re probably going to die.’ I was just begging him ‘please, please, I have a son.”

Griffin was so terrified he actually bailed out of the moving car and suffered numerous cuts.

Griffin says “there are people who are less fortunate that get the shaft more, you know what I mean? I just think that’s wrong.”

Goodman had a .16 blood alcohol level, twice the legal limit. In Washington, anyone with two or more priors with a BAC over .15 is required to serve a minimum of 120 days in jail. Well, apparently not anyone.

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  • wifather2000

    He probably has a paid for college degree too. Affluenza also leads to a huge dumbing down of our colleges where affluence, rather than appitude and ambition, counts more towards a degree.

  • dacr555

    This isn’t a country any more of the constitution and the people. It’s a country for big money and corporate greed.

  • Patrick Nance

    Only a $70K Ferrari? This guy is really low class… and it is a shame that 7 DUI convictions haven’t landed him in jail. He will kill someone and then it will be the courts fault…