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Chicago Police Abuse Woman, Threaten to Deport Her in UPS Box ‘Back to Wherever the F*** She Came From’

An Asian woman is suing the Chicago Police Department after they reportedly abused her and made threats after they raided a tanning salon where she worked.

Last summer, plain clothes police raided a tanning salon where Jessica Klyzek worked. They were reportedly searching for another employee who allegedly offered an undercover cop sex for money.

Klyzek, who was completely uninvolved in the incident, was grabbed by police and handcuffed. In the surveillance footage, an officer can be seen smacking her in the head.

Another officer yells “you’re not f***ing American. I’ll put you in a UPS box and send you back to wherever the f*** you came from!”

Klyzeck yells “I’m a citizen, okay?”

The officer yells back “no, you’re not! You’re here on borrowed time. So mind your f***ing business before I shut this whole f***ing place down. And I’ll take this place and whoever owns it will f***ing kill you because they don’t care about you, OK? I’ll take this building. You’ll be dead and your family will be dead.”

Another officer is heard yelling “can I just tase her? F*** it. I can tase her 10 f***ing times.”

The officers then tried to arrest the woman, claiming she assaulted them. Prosecutors saw the surveillance footage which shows no such attack and dropped the charges

Now, Klyzek is suing the city of Chicago and the police department for police brutality, hate crimes, and trying to frame her by saying she assaulted them.

Klyzek’s attorney Torreya Hamilton says she doesn’t just want the city to pay for the abuses the she suffered but she also wants all of the officers involved fired.

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  • sunshipballoons

    Fired? What about charging them with a crime?

  • LyndaLBD

    Fire them and charge them with abuse, hate crime language, assault. They deserve to be locked in a box and shipped off to Guantanamo.

  • GilGordon

    It’s already been decided…nothing will happen to the Nazis with CPD badges. It’ll be covered up and the tax payers of Chicago will foot the bill, again!

  • James

    How things work in Obama’s home town. Another win for racist statists.

    • Byron Williams

      The cops were white idiot!!! Find some other way to be racist!