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GOP Rep: Obama is ‘Empowering Radical Islamists’ Like Boko Haram

Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert, in an interview with conservative news/hate site WorldNetDaily, accused President Obama of “empowering radical Islamists.”

Addressing the Boko Haram situation in Nigeria, the Texas Representative says “as someone whose cousins were Christian missionaries in Africa, I have a difficult time watching the current administration appear to spend more time empowering radical Islamists in various countries than defending or protecting Christians.”

Gohmert says “if this administration went after Boko Haram the way Bush went after the Taliban, a few hundred special ops and intelligence personnel could be embedded, give air support, then totally defeat them without repeating the Bush administration’s mistake when they added tens of thousands of troops that became ‘occupiers,’ and engaged in nation building. We can and should help Nigerians defeat radical Islamists, then get out.”

This isn’t the first time Gohmert has accused Obama of “empowering” the worst of the worst. In December, Gohmert accused Obama of “allowing evil people to take over the world.”

Speaking to Texas pastor Rick Scarborough, Gohmert said “You probably hear people say ‘Well if it gets much worse, maybe I just need to go to an island somewhere or go to a different country.’ Let me tell you folks, when the United States is not around with its protective hand in the world to protect freedom and liberty and freedom from abuse, then there is no other place to go. Maybe Israel. But when God removes his protective hand from America, this isn’t a safe place either. I hope and pray people will wake up. You cannot achieve peace by allowing evil people to take over the world, that’s not how it works.”

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