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Republican Congressman: Only Property Owners Should be Allowed to Vote

Florida Congressman Ted Yoho has a novel idea to stop uninformed voting – only allow property owners to vote.

In a video found by Right Wing Watch, Yoho is at a campaign event at Berean Baptist Church in Ocala when a supporter says absentee ballots “are destroying elections” and that it is an “avenue for illegal voting.”

Yoho replies “it really is. I can’t remember which founding father said it, but he said the ability to vote, but vote uninformed is as tragic or dangerous as having a loaded gun and not know how to use it.”

He added “it’s a privilege to vote. Yeah, it may be inconvenient. But, you know, it’s like I tell people and I was told growing up: to be successful is inconvenient. If not, everybody would be successful.”

Another supporter chimes in, saying “we used to have a day off to vote, but they took that away from us! For Martin Luther King holiday, and who could argue with that? I think it’s a government conspiracy.”

Yoho replies “I’ve had some radical ideas about voting. You used to have to be a property owner to vote.”

Another supporter alleges the Bilderberg group (a popular target of conspiracy theorists) is trying to stop people from being able to vote at all, and asks Yoho if he thinks they’ll be able to vote in two years.

Yoho replies “that’s a scary question and one of the reasons I’m running for Congress, because I fear for this country. I grew up believing in the American dream, I’m a product of the American dream, no one gave my wife and I anything…we worked our tail off and we didn’t expect anything from the government.” (Yoho and his wife were admittedly on food stamps at one point but, you know, whatever)

Yoho adds “if we don’t do anything in two and a half years, it’s a scary thought, if you start reading some of the stuff I’ve been reading, you’re like, this is all by designs, it sounds like a conspiracy.”

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