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Shock: Cop With History of Brutality Kicked Student in the Groin So Hard His Testicle Ruptured

After months of outrage over the rampant brutality complaints plaguing the Albuquerque Police Department, another officer has been caught kicking a drunk driving suspect so hard in the groin that he ruptured his testicle.

On April 25, Officer Pablo Padilla pulled over 24-year-old Jeremy Martin, a first-year law student at the University of New Mexico. Padilla detained Martin for running through a stop sign and smelling of alcohol.

The footage caught on the officer’s lapel camera shows Martin repeatedly asking Padilla to let his friends drive his truck away and Padilla repeatedly tells him to just sit on the sidewalk. At one point, Padilla threatened to mace Martin who, while not entirely compliant, was not posing any threat to the officer.

When Martin stands up again, Padilla grabs him and pushes him up against his truck, knees him in the groin, and throws him to the ground.

Martin is heard screaming “Don’t kick me in the nuts!” and “Sir, I’m not trying to resist. I’m not trying to hit you. Please help me up.”

Even after the officer has Martin on the ground and is cuffing him, he continues to tell Martin to stop resisting while he lies flat on the ground. “I’m not resisting,” an injured Martin replied.

Following the incident, Martin needed to have his testicle surgically removed. Doctors believe such damage was done because Martin’s groin was pressed up against the truck when the officer kneed him.

Martin’s attorney Sam Bregman, a former councilman, says “we will be filing a lawsuit in the coming weeks for battery and excessive use of force in violation of his constitutional rights.”

Patrick Davis, a former police officer and head of ProgressNow New Mexico, says “this officer escalated far beyond what was necessary. He had plenty of time to be proactive, and get backup earlier. Letting the person become more agitated is wrong. Every year, we were trained you don’t target suspects like this. In the video, this begins to look more and more deliberate.”

Just last June, Officer Padilla was acquitted by a grand jury after another woman sued him for excessive force. In that incident, Padilla broke her arm while twisting it behind her back.

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