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‘I Have a F***ing Job, Half Your Mothers Don’t!’: Teacher’s Hateful Classroom Rant Caught on Camera

An Atlanta teacher has been suspended after her vulgar classroom rant was recorded by a student.

The cell phone footage shows the Crawford Long Middle School teacher berating a student for not closing the door when he came into the classroom.

She yells “I’m trying to do something, and I can’t keep babysitting you. Close the door!”

When the student doesn’t close the door, she yells “Stop! I ain’t f***ing playing with you. You want to play? Stay home with your mama.”

She added “I have a f***ing job, half your mothers don’t.”

The video was recorded by a female student who says she has been complaining about the teacher’s treatment of her for months.

Her aunt says “two months ago, Yvette came home and said the teacher had said ‘f you’ to her and to sit down. I told her, if it happened again, to get proof, and that’s what her cellphone was for and to record it so that I would have proof this time.”

She criticized the teacher, saying “you are talking down to them, you are talking bad about their parents.”

The school district would not confirm the teacher’s name but did confirm that she has been placed on administrative leave.

The district released a statement, saying “Atlanta Public Schools promotes a culture of ethics to which all employees are expected to adhere. This is not a personnel matter that is currently being investigated. However, APS can confirm that the teacher is not currently assigned to work directly with students.”

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