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Second-Grade Girl Was ‘Forced to Urinate in Trash Can in Class’ While Classmates Taunted

A Las Vegas mother is outraged after her second-grade daughter was forced to urinate in a trash can inside her classroom where her classmates taunted her while the school was on lockdown.

According to reports, while the Ruth Fyfe Elementary School was on lockdown because of a reported suspicious person in the area, Shay Jones’ daughter had to go to the bathroom. Because teachers and students are required to stay in the classroom during a lockdown, the teacher ordered the girl to use the classroom trash can to urinate.

Jones says “you do not, I repeat, do not put a child on a nasty school trash can with a hand napkin, cover her with a partition, put on music so the other students can’t hear. You just don’t do that.”

The Clark County School District replied to media inquiries with a written statement, saying “lockdown procedures in the district are utilized in emergency situations or when there is a perceived threat to safety.

“During a lockdown, staff and students are told not to leave their work or classrooms for safety reasons. The district will look into this situation to determine if additional staff training is needed to prepare for future situations.”

Jones says “I contacted the school. I got nothing. Not even an apology.”

Jones worries that her daughter is “traumatized after the incident” and “worries about her mental health should other students continue to make fun of her.”

When asked if there was any way this could have been avoided, the school district said “Ruth Fyfe Elementary School is an outdoor school and there is no way for this student to access a restroom without exiting the safety of the locked-down building.”

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  • J. Kevin Michel

    Of course, if the schools, ( notice I am NOT singling this school out) were properly prepared for such an emergency, they would have disposal emergency travel relief supplies on hand, and students would be trained to understand what the implications of a lockdown might be. This might have led to this being a teaching moment instead of an embarassment and an opportunity for bullying.

    • dacr555

      Lockdown! This type of thing was undeard of when I went to school. Sounds like we have to send our kids to basic training now. Sad, sad, sad, sad, sad. The result of unprecedented proliferation of guns in our society. It makes me want to weep for today’s kids who have to be faced with the burden of being unsafe no matter where they are.

  • Richard Altman

    My guess is that this could have been handled better…I’m just not sure how much better. Faced with a lockdown based on an unknown threat, the teacher attempted to keep her charges secure while tending to the needs of one child who needed to go to the bathroom. Putting her behind a screen and turning up music to afford the child some kind of privacy was the best she came up with. Though certainly not ideal, that may have been the best anyone could have come up with under the circumstances. As for the the other children taunting her, I have no doubt of it. Kids can be right bastards at times like these. Would there have been any less taunting if the child simply wet herself because no alternative method of her relieving herself was offered? I doubt it. One kid notices the wet spot and every other kid will know in a matter of minutes. Now there’s the alternative…the teacher ignores the lockdown rule and either sends the child to the bathroom on her own or leaves the rest of the class unattended to escort the child and they run in to whatever threat caused the lockdown in the first place. God forbid that child is harmed or even killed (not far-fetched given recent events). Then critics would be all over this teacher for breaking the rules (rightly so) and noting that wetting oneself or peeing in a garbage pail behind a screen, etc. was preferable to being dead. So…could it have been handled better…maybe a little. But the child is safe and alive and THAT is no insignificant quibble.

  • melissa

    Plain and simple the school was on Lockdown and the teacher done all she could but I guess she could have defie school policy by letting her out of the classroom it was a bad situation 4 the girl this teacher done what she seen possible at the time

  • EV398E

    It truly sounds to me like the teacher did all that was humanly possible to protect the child’s privacy. I don’t see what else could have been done in the situation. That the other students are teasing her indicates a need for a discussion with the class directing them to have better manners. Other than that, the child was protected from harm, and had her privacy protected in a public place while under a safety directive. The mother would better serve the child by pointing out that the teacher was doing the best she could under the circumstances.

  • Katrina Rose-Lewis

    I personally dont see anything wrong w/ how teacher handled this (Im a mother of 5). If it were my kid I would appreciate the fact the teacher was looking out for the safety of my child but of course sounds more like the mother is looking for something to sue somebody for. You know for traumatizing her kid. Really? I can imagine how traumatized my children are from having them pee in a cup on the side of the road while traveling & no restrooms around. Also, I am sure given the situation if the students had a choice to pee in a trash can or their pants they would chose trash can them self. Not only that the kids MAY have laughed but what kid their age isn’t gone to find something like that funny…the little girl may look back at it one day & think it was funny too that is if her mother doesn’t continue to make her child feel like she is some victim.

  • liberalinlove

    Life isn’t fair or easy. This mom, needs to explain that rules like this are for her daughter’s safety and tell her how proud she is that she handled it like a smart girl. Then she needs to explain that it is wrong for others to taunt her but it is not her problem and she has nothing to be afraid of. Mental health issues are more of an issue if the mom can’t handle this correctly with her daughter.

  • Greg Kenney

    Yes Im not sure the teacher did anything wrong here. She was trying to protect the kids and their safety. My question is what if the teacher lets the little girl go to the bathroom and the child is abducted by this person who somehow got into the school. Now what does the mother say. She should of let her go in the garbage can. Its a no win situation for the school. I think the teacher handled it perfectly due to the situation. She protected the girls privacy. As for the kids making fun, lets not forget bullying is still a huge issue in the schools. And kids will be kids in that situation. Bravo to the teacher.

  • loretta hickman

    What is the problem? The classroom was underlock down so the teacher kept her kid safe, this woman needs shut up.

  • dog31743t