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‘You’re Killing Him!’: Horrified Family Watches as Cops Taser Suspect 18 TIMES

A newly released video shows a disturbing confrontation between two Missouri police officers and a suspect.

According to The Daily Mail, the video shows a man “writhing on the floor while two uniformed Springfield Police battle to restrain him. One of the officers is seen wielding a taser and the distinctive crackle of its electric shock can be heard.”

The altercation occurred in front of the man’s family’s home and the footage was recorded by one of his relatives.

At one point during the video, an older woman in a bathrobe is seen yelling at the man to calm down and for the police to stop.

The man recording the scene is heard yelling that the police are “trying to kill” the suspect. He then yells “don’t worry about it, suing the f*** out of y’all.”

He continues to yell at the man being tasered to “not worry about it.”

The older lady shouts that he needs to be taken to a hospital.

The video then shows two other cops approach the man recording the scene, telling him to “step away.”

That’s when the man’s phone is wrestled away from him and the footage abruptly ends.

Make no doubt about it, tasers are deadly. Just last week a Chicago man died after police used a taser to detain him. The man was arrested for stealing an item from a store. When officers tried to arrest him, he broke free and made a run for it but one of the cops tasered him. He fell and was taken to the hospital where he was in critical condition for two weeks before passing away.

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