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Glenn Beck: #YesAllWomen is Nothing But ‘Good Old Fashioned Man-Bashing’

Following the misogyny-fueled rampage in Santa Barbara, many on Twitter have participated in the #YesAllWomen hashtag to highlight how society “turns a blind eye to the fact that women experience various forms of harassment, threats, and discrimination on a regular basis.”

Glenn Beck was not moved by this.

On his show, Beck said the hashtag provided nothing more than “a chance for some good, old fashioned man-bashing.”

Beck said “apparently the hashtag #YesAllWomen went viral this weekend. Boston.com’s headline says ‘Everyone Needs to Read #YesAllWomen’.”

With an unimpressed look, Beck says “No, no you really don’t. Politicians like Keith Ellison tweeted ‘take a moment tonight and really read #YesAllWomen for your mother, your sister, and your friends.’ Really Keith?”

He continues, “Time highlighted some of the powerful tweets from the latest hashtag activism du jour, I love this, ‘Because every single woman I know has a story about a man feeling entitled to access to her body. Every. Single. One. #YesAllWomen.’

‘’I have a boyfriend’ is the easiest way to get a man to leave you alone. Because he respects another man more than you. #YesAllWomen.’

‘I’ve spent 19 years teaching my daughter how not to be raped.’ Boy that must be fun, huh? ‘How long have you spent teaching your son not to rape? #YesAllWomen.’

‘Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them – Margaret Atwood #YesAllWomen.’”

Beck concludes, saying “nothing like turning a tragic shooting into a chance for some good, old fashioned man-bashing.”

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