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‘I Like My Beer Like I Like My Violence. Domestic.’: Outrage Over Popular Texas Bar’s Sign

A manager and bartenders at The Scruffy Duffies bar in Plano, Texas refused to take down a sign that customers and passers-by say makes light of domestic violence.

The sign reads “I like my beer like I like my violence. Domestic.”

Courtney Williams, a patron at the bar, asked for the sign to be taken down but was refused. Williams says “how does someone think it’s OK to put something like that up there?”

Williams left the bar after taking a photo of the sign to post on Facebook.

Vanessa Vaughter, who manages the education program at women’s shelter Hope’s Door, says she’s glad Williams put this out there.

Vaughter said “my gut reaction was, ‘Thank you Ms. Williams for standing up and saying this isn’t OK.’ When one in four women are affected by domestic violence – and in Collin County alone last year we had about 12,000 incidents of domestic violence – then this isn’t something we joke about.”

After the Facebook post went viral, the owner of Scruffy Duffies suspended the manager that was on duty that night and went into PR mode.

On their Facebook page, the bar posted “it has come to our attention that one of our female employees wrote something offensive without owner’s approval. Domestic violence is something our family unfortunately has overcome in the past, therefore this subject is one we don’t take lightly. We are currently investigating the situation and proper actions will be taken immediately. We thank you for your patience and again want to ensure this is not our stance.”

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