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Dick Cheney: Obama is a ‘Very, Very Weak President – the Weakest I Have Seen in My Life’

Dick Cheney, speaking to Fox News’ Sean Hannity, said President Obama is the weakest US president he has ever seen.

At first, Hannity played a clip of Obama saying “since World War II, some of our most costly mistakes came not from restraint but from our willingness to rush into military adventures without thinking through the consequences.”

A great point, but one lost on Hannity who immediately said “military adventures? That’s how the commander-in-chief would categorize America engaging in armed combat?”

He then brought on Cheney on pile on.

Speaking about the Middle East, Cheney said “I think the perception around the world is increasingly negative, but I think the main focus is on our president. He’s a very, very weak president, maybe the weakest – certainly in my lifetime.”

Cheney claimed that foreign nations “all are absolutely convinced that the American capacity to lead and influence that part of the world has been dramatically reduced by the president. We’ve got a problem with weakness. It’s centered right in the White House.”

Cheney turned to Afghanistan, saying “he’s prepared to pull out, at this point, all of our capability in Afghanistan and not negotiate a stay-behind agreement. That’s stupid, unwise, and will in fact just reinforce the notion that we’re weak and that we have a president that doesn’t understand his obligations.”

“It’s as though he wasn’t even around when 9/11 happened,” Cheney added.

“The reason we went into Afghanistan is because 19 guys armed with airline tickets and box cutters who had trained in Afghanistan, were supported out of Afghanistan by al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, came over here and killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11.”

He then piled on, saying “the VA scandal is an outrage. It has been six years out since we left office, and we are still blamed by Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama for their current troubles.”

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  • MaxedT12

    Cheney seems to forget that the terrorist pilots were trained here in America – right under his nose, and they were not from Afghanistan.

    • Thomas W. Yale


  • Thomas W. Yale

    Obama’s not cleaning up your and W’s mess fast enough? That was eight years in the making.

  • David Kaye

    He also seems to forget we went to Iraq first so we could get the all-powerful Saddam Hussein while he was hiding in a hole in the dessert crying. Everyone should read MSGT. Billy Waugh’s book; he’s a retired, highly decorated U.S. Army SF soldier who earned 7 purple hearts over multiple combat tours in Vietnam. He went on to work for the CIA as an “independent contractor.” He had good old Osama in his sights twice in the 1990’s and once after 9/11 and couldn’t get permission to pull the trigger. I guess I don’t understand politics..

  • Encouraged

    really??? who is listening to DC??