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‘Instead of Shaming Girls For Their Bodies, Teach Boys That Girls Aren’t Sexual Objects’: Girl Humiliated in Class For Wearing Shorts

A Montreal teen is fighting back after she was suspended for wearing short shorts to class on a hot day.

According to reports, high school student Lindsey Stocker wore a pair of short denim shorts to school on May 21. Two Vice Principals entered her class and “told everyone to stand up so their outfits could be inspected.”

Stocker says “and when they came to me after about two rows of looking they stopped and told me my shorts were too short and I had to change.”

She adds “they continued to tell me I would be suspended if I didn’t start following the rules. When I told them I didn’t understand why I had to change they told me it doesn’t matter – I don’t have to understand the rules, I just have to comply by them.”

Rather than change, Lindsey printed 20 posters saying “Don’t humiliate her because she’s wearing shorts. It’s hot outside. Instead of shaming girls for their bodies, teach boys that girls are not sexual objects.”

Stocker was suspended but she is not backing down.

She says “I was in violation for showing my legs. And that, point blank, is a problem for me.”

The school board chairperson Susanne Stein Day said “the rules are there to help the children learn and prepare them for their future work places, high school is a job for them, they are there to learn to function in society, so it’s important the rules be followed. Girls and boys have rules on dress codes, it is not a girl, boy thing, that’s the point.”

Lindsey has plenty of support, though.

Student Sierra Drolet said “most people are agreeing with her, women shouldn’t have to cover themselves up completely because we shouldn’t be viewed as sexual objects.”

Student Lauren Paquay came to school in short shorts to support Stocker, saying “people are being judged for the way they dress, they have to change because boys look at them. The boys should be the ones who have to learn to treat women better and look at them in a different light.”

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  • sprmcandy

    Got to be kiddding, those are Not short.

    • Guest

      Exactly. I saw nothing wrong with those shorts. If the school doesn’t allow boys to wear shorts either, i.e. shorts are disallowed for everyone regardless, then I could see there being an issue. But it doesn’t sound like that is the case here.

      • Albedio

        Good grief,do boys wear shorts this short?I think not,or i doubt the school would let it slide.Even if they did,the peers and society wouldnt.This world is just such a hypocrite;when its the authorities enforcing,they decry it as robbing freedom,or worse now,slutshaming,but when its the society which puts pressure and shames/derides someone for wearing something,it suddenly becomes fine.And because the society is now geared towards letting girls have their way,its only girls who are benefitting from this societal liberation,the boys are still bounded by the hypocrisy known as ‘social norms’.
        Girls already have miniskirts to wear,which they even wear to work everywhere in developed nations which prides themselves in upholding ‘women rights’.So why must they take away a boy’s privilege of wearing shorts?How would they like if boys started to wear miniskirts and somehow claim that its masculine,and hence non-feminine,to do so?Why should boys be robbed of the rights to wear shorts to create your pseudo law of ‘equality’ when girls can get around the discomfort of long pants by wearing a casual skirt ending at or before the knees?

    • Albedio

      u gotta be kidding.THOSE.ARE.SHORT.If not,i dare u to encourage boys to wear that too.If u are a boy,i dare u to wear that upfront.
      Any shorter they might as well be in panties,seriously.I hate sexist people masquerading as liberators.U can all whistle and claim a certain revealing look on females to look ‘sexy’,and yet u decry regulations stopping such looks from girls,as targeting sexuality.This isnt what feminism was meant to be.It was meant to be about equality,NOT playing on sexual and sexist overtones,twisting and turning reason into slander.
      soermcandy.someone who can come up with this sort of name,made up of 2 words which should never be placed side by side each other,i guess it says alot about your character/mentality,and the credibility of your words and opinions.