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Arizona Republican Changes Name to Cesar Chavez, Becomes Democrat to Appeal to Latino Voters

An Arizona Republican named Scott Fistler has changed his name to Cesar Chavez and has become a Democrat in a hilarious effort to appeal to his largely Hispanic district after running two unsuccessful campaigns.

Fistler has run for the congressional seat for his district twice. But that was a white Republican. Clearly, a Democrat named Cesar Chavez would stand a better chance.

In his petition to have his name changed to that of the famed Latino civil rights leader, Fistler wrote that he “experienced many hardships because of my name.”

After losing his last race to Congressman Ed Pastor in 2012, Pastor is retiring and Chavez/Fistler has his eye on the vacated seat.

Chavez said “people want a name that they can feel comfortable with.” And what would make Hispanic voters feel more comfortable than a white conservative who adopted the name of a Latino civil rights champion in a blatant attempts to get votes?

Chavez adds “if you went out there running for office and your name was Bernie Madoff, you’d probably be screwed. It’s almost as simple as saying Elvis Presley is running for president. You wouldn’t forget it, would you?”


Chavez is running against two actually Hispanic candidates and has virtually gone into hiding to keep voters from figuring out he’s a (gasp) pale face. No joke. He has refused to talk to press, saying “there is just simply not enough Cesar Chavez to go around.”

Even better, his photo does not even appear on his own campaign website. Instead, his site features groups of Hispanic people holding up Chavez placards. Except those photos weren’t taken from one of his events but rather from a rally for former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

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