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‘She Made It Up to Stay Famous’: Hate Crime Charges Dropped as Assailant Accuses V. Stiviano of Lying

The man accused of assaulting former Donald Sterling mistress V. Stiviano has been released without bail and had hate crime charges against him dropped and now says the whole ordeal is motivated by her desire to stay famous.

On Wednesday, a judge dropped the hate crime charges against 40-year-old Dominick Dioro and allowed him to be released without bail but upheld the assault charge against him.

His attorney, David Scott Smith, said Stiviano “invented the attack” in order to “keep her name in the spotlight.”

“Simply put, a credible victim of a crime does not have her attorney call the press before she calls the police. Miss Stiviano seems intent on keeping her name in the spotlight. But I can assure you if this case goes to trial, my cross-examination will last longer than her 15 minutes of fame,” Smith said.

While the details of the night are fairly murky, it’s hard to deny the assault considering the photos released of Stiviano on the night of the attack and the day after.

In the photos released by The Daily Mail, Stiviano’s face is clearly red, swollen, and bruised.

According to Smith, Diorio “slipped and fell after a woman threw a phone at him.”

“I’d like to commend the District Attorney’s Office for deciding not to prosecute my client for a hate crime and to consent to his release without bail. I’m confident that as this case goes forward and the investigation continues, that Miss Stiviano’s allegations will likewise begin to fail and at the end of the day, the assault charge will be dismissed as well.”

According to reports, Diorio and a friend got involved in an argument with Stiviano and the group she was with at a restaurant and Diorio punched her and called her the N-word and a bitch.

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