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Unreal: Cop Shoots 18-Year-Old Special Needs Girl After Family Calls for Medical Help

A California family is heartbroken after a 911 call to get their special needs daughter medical help ended in tragedy after a police officer shot her.

On Tuesday, first responders received a 911 call about a young special needs woman who had not been taking her medication and had a knife.

The police officers understood the call as a “violent female subject who was thought to be armed.”

When deputies arrived at the home, there was reportedly a confrontation between one of the deputies and 18-year-old Yanira Serrano. According to the deputy, he fired his weapon because he feared for his life after the girl lunged at him with the knife.

She died at the scene.

Serrano’s brother, Lorenzo, is heartbroken and wants answers.

“We want answers. Why didn’t they use a Taser? We just want to know what really happened,” Lorenzo said.

He says the family merely called for an ambulance because Yanira had refused to take her medication.

“But instead they decided to send a deputy to the house,” Lorenzo said. “She was really loving and caring, really sweet with my parents, I still can’t believe this happened to my sister.”

Deputy Rebecca Rosenblatt thinks that the incident was properly handled.

“We have deputies that were responding to the scene with the information that somebody was acting in a psychotic nature armed with a knife and won’t put it down even for her own family. This was an individual coming at our deputy with a knife intending to harm him. He should be allowed to protect himself otherwise we might be doing an interview about a deputy not going home to his family and kids,” Rosenblatt said.

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office and the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office are investigating the incident.

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