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Tony Perkins: Christians Forced to Bake Cakes For Gays Like Forcing Jews Into Nazi Ovens

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins spoke to the attorney of a baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple’s wedding on Washington Watch yesterday and compared forcing Christians to bake a cake to Nazi’s putting Jews into boxcars and sending them to concentration camps.

Last week, a Colorado Civil Rights Commission ruled that Christian bakery owner Jack Phillips violated Colorado’s anti-discrimination statutes by refusing to bake a cake for a gay couple’s wedding. As you can imagine, the right wing talking heads erupted into a volcanic flow of hyperbole.

On Thursday, Perkins said “I’m beginning to think now, are re-education camps next? When are they going to start rolling out the boxcars and just start hauling off Christians? I mean at what point do Christians say enough is enough?”

Attorney Nicolle Martin replied “at some point the witch hunt gets very painful, very personal. I guarantee that we are going to continue to see the witch hunts and we will continue to see it carried out in the public squares.”

Fellow anti-LGBT host Bryan Fischer also compared the Colorado ruling to the Holocaust, calling activists “the gay gestapo,” and threw in a comparison to slavery just for good measure. Fischer wrote “apparently someone forgot to tell the Stormtroopers in the homosexual movement about the civil war, the civil rights movement, and the freedom of both will and conscience.”

He added, “Not only is Phillips being reduced to slavery” (because a gay couple offered to pay him to make a cake?!), “he is now a victim of tyranny as well since he is being compelled by the government to violate his own conscience. So meet our new overlords, the new owners of the American plantation, the gay mafia. All hail Big Gay, our new slave masters.”

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