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Alex Jones: Las Vegas Shooting is ‘False Flag,’ ‘Custom-Made to Demonize Patriots’

The Las Vegas shooting of two police officers and a bystander by a white supremacist couple has reminded many of the threat that the still-very-much-alive white power movement holds but conspiracy nut and surprisingly popular talk show host Alex Jones says the attack was a “false flag operation” by the government designed to “demonize the patriot movement.”

Jones’ website InforWars posted a response to the attacks, saying, “The incident is custom-made to demonize the patriot movement. The Southern Poverty Law Center has consistently attempted to forge a link between white supremacists and members of the patriot and constitutional movements.”

Maybe, but who’s linking the white supremacist shootings to the patriot movement now?

The post continued, “The murder of two police officers will undoubtedly further polarize law enforcement and turn many of them against the patriot movement. For a large number of police officers, the Gadsden flag will now represent the murder of law enforcement officers.”

Later, the site states “Evidence shows…that calls for violence often comes from government inserted agents provocateurs. The FBI specializes in this sort of behavior. The government has also controlled an infinitesimally small white supremacist movement. This fact was highlighted by the prosecution of white supremacist radio talk show host Hal Turner.”

On his show, Jones suggested that Obama is working with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to further link the shootings to the patriot movement by “setting up” the shooter’s Facebook likes to point to Jones and others.

Jones said “oh, and guess what’s on his Facebook page. So easy to set this up. Facebook that works with you-know-who so closely. Alex Jones, number one, Allen West, Representative Allen West. Then it continues on here with oh, Ron Paul. Rand Paul… Three-percenter nation. Ronald Reagan! Ronald Reagan’s fault. But the media’s not picking up on that. The media is demonizing yours truly. Oh George Washington! My god, it’s all his fault now that two cops got shot.”

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