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Black Man Driving White Wife to Work Accused of Being Illegal Cab Driver, Has Car Seized

A New York couple is suing the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission after taxi investigators accused the black husband who was driving his white wife to work of being an illegal cab driver and seized his car.

According to reports, 66-year-old Dan Keys Jr. and 53-year-old Symone Palermo are suing the TLC for $3 million, alleging that investigators racially profiled Keys when they issued them summonses and seized their Lincoln Town Car for more than a week despite multiple attempts to explain that they were married.

They claim that TLC investigators pulled over Keys, who works as a car salesman, and mistook Palermo for a passenger.

The lawsuit states “upon information and belief, when attempting to identify illegally operated taxis, it is the official policy or custom of [the city and the TLC] to instruct its employees to target and single out vehicles operated by minorities with white passengers.”

In fact, the lawsuit also states that investigators lied and claimed that “a white female passenger confirmed to them that he was an unlicensed hack.”

When Palermo tried to explain, they were both issued summonses.

Their lawyer, David Haber, told DNAInfo “we think there was no basis for the TLC to have pulled over my clients in the first instance. Once they pulled over my clients, they had many opportunities to let them go – to realize they pulled over the wrong people. Instead they doubled down on their mistake. I believe that they flat-out lied in their summonses.”

The original judge agreed, dismissing both summonses but now the TLC is on the hook for a potential $3 million payout for their racial profiling and false statements.

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  • Guest

    And some racism is dead.

  • Karlheinz Groeger

    And some say racism is dead.

  • Wallace Sterling

    Racism continues to rear its ugly Medusa-like head.

  • Debra Ranson

    I hope they win every bit of the 3 million

  • Numinous Owl

    Wait, didn’t the Republicans say racism does not exist in America anymore? Hmmmmmmm.

  • rogerrramjet

    Good! Sue their pants off.

  • LyndaLBD

    Time to pay up. When do they stop racial profiling?

  • Dave

    But, but,but ….Justice Roberts said racism is dead…….

  • Norma Jean Olivier

    More racism issues…when will America get over this???..do Americans not have more important issues????

    • Dewenda Cooper

      Norma Jean Oliver, racism will never be over as long as idiiots like you want to get over it, sweep it under the rug like it doesn’t exist. Once we handle that then we can get on to better things. #POW

      • Norma Jean Olivier

        my comments were not “to sweep the issue under the rug” but wishing people would once and for all accept each other no matter what race or colour…afterall we are all human beings in need of nurturing, nourishment and living well…what should it matter what colour another person is…and by the way – do not appreciate Dewenda Cooper calling me an idiot!…this is a prime example of why people have issues!…we need to have all people come together in acceptance if the human race is to survive on this planet!!

        • Dewenda Cooper

          You are right in what you say about equality. I just misunderstood you when you stated that racism should be swepted under the rug, i took this as you saying it should be forgotten. Never, cause it still rears it’s ugly head everyday in different ways. I truly aplogize for the idiot comment. Maybe we can get pass race issues if more people think and care like you. Again i apologizes for my misunderstanding.

          • Norma Jean Olivier

            no problem …thank you for your reply…..I should have been clearer in my statement..I cannot for the life of me get my head around this racism issue…perhaps because not enough people re willing to look and listen at the issue head on…there are so many other issues that we need to address…survival of this planet!…what will it matter about colour if we have a planet ”
            in chaos and on the brink of obliteration”…again I appreciate you taking the time to reply!

          • Dewenda Cooper

            Yes, we do have other inportant issues but racism has been a top proirity for many years, i know i still live them. But as you say our planet, our government and mostly our future for our kids and grandkids. It’s scary to think they will face challenges we can’t even imagine.

          • Norma Jean Olivier

            am guessing it is more predominant in the US …in Canada we do not have issues with this….we do not discriminate as a rule…am sure there are isolated incidents but as a country and population we are quick to put a halt to it….as long as each pulls their weight colour matters not…. I guess we do not know what is must be like to be in the middle of it and have these issues!…I hope and pray Canada stays this way!

          • Dewenda Cooper

            We are supposed to be the greatest country on earth… Not. But we can learn tolerance from countries like yours. I plan to visit Canada in my future. I have friends who came there when racism was widely excepted and never came back to the U.S.

          • Norma Jean Olivier

            we do live in a marvellous country….all colours…races ….religions….gays…lesbians….all accepted…seems to work here…not sure why……but then we are known as peacemakers and of course reserved in our ways…do visit!…any part of Canada is different and each place has its own charm!

          • Dewenda Cooper

            Im originally from New Orleans but came to Texas after Hurricane Katrina. Canada sounds alit like New Orleans, people are genuinely caring and will do for each other no matter what color are race you are. Im going home to New Orleans after i finish school, im working on my second B.A. degree. Texas is Ok and there are decent people of all races, but then again there are many who adhere to the days of yesterday when you should ” know your place” if you know what i mean.

    • TheZuluKnight

      This is a very important issue. If we can’t get to a point where all citizens are treated equally in EVERY way, this country is destined to fail. Racism is probably one of the singular issues that is costing America to go on a downward economic spiral. Racism is the root cause of the economic disparity in America. It’s the root cause of far too many innocent people being jailed at a cost that weighs heavy on all tax payers. Racism is the cause of the war on drugs being a futile effort. You stop those who look like 13% of the population, when the largest group of drug users look like 70% of the populations. Give the drugs to Buffy and Biff, Officer Bill would never think to stop them for drugs. SMH. Think about it, if you were a drug lord, knowing this country;s history of racially profiling, would you use the melanin rich people as you main method of getting the most drugs through? Or would you use racism in your favor and have them simply as decoys? Racism is the drug cartels Trojan Horse, and it will continue to be so. Racism is now killing an increased number of suburban White teens. Check out the trends in those neighborhoods on the use of heroine. Cops are busy patrolling the hood while Taylor and Beau are overdosing on the patio while mom and dad take their 7 day cruise.

      So right now, racism is probably the most singularly important issue this country has.