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Mother of Seven Dies While Serving Two-Day Jail Term For Kids’ Truancy

A Pennsylvania woman serving a two-day jail sentence for her kids’ truancy violations mysteriously died in her cell on Saturday and many are questioning what happened to her and why she was in jail in the first place.

Authorities say 55-year-old Eileen Dinino, a mother of seven, was found unresponsive in her cell on Saturday.

Dinino was sentenced to 48 hours in jail for 55 truancy violations against her kids. State law permits a five day jail sentence for every truancy violation but legislators are up in arms over this obsession with sending anyone to jail for anything.

State Senator Judy Schwank said “I cannot understand how someone ends up going to jail. They did not murder someone, they did not steal, they did not commit a felony. How does jail time equate to resolving this particular problem?”

Schwank added “I have questions as well as what happened to the woman in prison. How did it happen that she passed away? Did she need medical attention and not receive it?”

Berks County Christian Leinbach agrees that the law is incomprehensible. “That unfortunately is part of the law in Pennsylvania and I think it is insanity. There has got to be a better way to deal with truancy than putting somebody in prison,” he said.

Leinbach added “I think there are better ways to deal with nonviolent crimes. I am not even sure quite frankly that things like truancy and parking should be criminal offenses and frankly support legislation that would decriminalize those offenses.”

Officials say “nothing indicates the death was suspicious” but the coroner is awaiting for the toxicology report to determine the cause of Dinino’s death.

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