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GOP Rep. Tom Price: Obama ‘Largest Opponent’ of Immigration Reform, Not Republicans

Appearing on Fox News, Republican Georgia Congressman Tom Price stated that Congress hasn’t been able to pass immigration reform because its “largest opponent” is President Obama.

Host Chris Wallace asked Price if Republicans need to do more to appeal to Hispanic voters after Obama won 44 percent more of the Hispanic vote in 2012 than Mitt Romney.

“Don’t you have to do something to appeal more? And immigration is certainly one of the things that Hispanics care about. Don’t you have to do something if you’re going to avoid getting in real trouble at the ballot box in 2014, and especially 2016?” Wallace asked.

Price agreed that there’s a pressing need for immigration reform, but asserted “that it is the president that is the largest opponent to immigration reform.”

“It was Mitt Romney who lost among Hispanics, sir,” Wallace shot back.

“That doesn’t negate the face that President Obama in 2011 said the border is more secure. The president was being deceitful with the American people on this,” Price answered.

“What did he do this weekend to correct that?” he continued. “He went and gave a hyper-partisan commencement speech, and then went and played golf. That’s the frustration that my constituents have. This is a president who is disengaged on solving this challenge of immigration.”

“And we look forward to working with the president, but how can you work with somebody that the American people don’t trust on this, and we can’t trust on this issue? Because we know that he hasn’t enforced the law of the land already,” he added.

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