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Columnist Wants ‘White Christian Conservative President’ Because of Michelle’s Vacations, Benghazi

WorldNetDaily columnist Mychal Massie has penned a new piece, writing that Michelle Obama’s lack of “social grace” and “lavish shopping sprees” are among the reasons the next president needs to be a “white Christian conservative.”

Massie writes “[Obama] has traded on the color of his skin the way prostitutes trade on sexual favors. Because the Obama sucklings, complicit with a pathetic and biased media, label all criticism of Obama as racist, it is my position that the next president be a white Christian conservative.”

He continues, writing “if we have a white Christian conservative as president, we can criticize his policies without concern of being called racists… A white Christian conservative’s wife would be expected to exhibit social grace and decorum consistent with the officer her husband held and not comport herself as a demimonde or slattern in expensive designer clothes.”

Not that it was a strong argument to begin with but he really goes off the rails later in his piece, writing “if a white Christian conservative president were in office now, we would know the truth of Fast and Furious and the truth about the terrorist attack in Benghazi. Not only would we know why the president suborned perjury in covering up the details of the same, but we would know why he was singularly responsible for not lifting a finger to save Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty, who were murdered in Benghazi.”

Right, because we all remember how honest and forthcoming the very conservative and very white Bush Administration was.

He concludes by saying “if the wife of a white Christian conservative were on a pace to spend nearly a billion dollars (Ed: and why cite sources for such arbitrary figures…) on lavish shopping sprees, vacations, and special parties for her children at which Hollywood actors performed their movie roles in costume, we would be lauded for demanding Congress reign her in.

“And more importantly, if we had a white Christian conservative president who ignored the Constitution  and who legislated from the Oval Office, we would not be nearly six years into his term of office and still be waiting for impeachment proceedings against him. (Ed: Um…Bush!) And we darn sure wouldn’t see other Christians and conservatives covering for him as we witness blacks, Democrats, and the media covering for Obama.”

Apparently Mr. Massie was in a coma between 2001 and 2009 and forgets that not every “white Christian conservative” is the Republicans’ beloved Ronald Reagan. Not that Reagan didn’t have his own Fast and Furiouses and Benghazis, see Iran-Contra.

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