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Fox News: Iraq Violence Proves Bush Was Right About ‘Pretty Much Everything’

Leave it to Fox News to play it fast and loose with the facts. In a segment on Monday, Fox News asserted that President Bush was right to take over Iraq because the ISIS is threatening to take over the country.

Host Martha MacCallum said, “Some say the Islamic militant group that is violently overtaking large parts of Syria and now Iraq could have been stopped if the situation had not been neglected. In fact, in 2007, President George W. Bush pretty much laid this out as it is happening.”

After showing a clip of Bush discussing potential violence in the country, MacCallum brought on former White House Chief of Staff Andy Card.

Card said “Yes, President Bush did anticipate this being a likely outcome if we didn’t do something right, and President Obama and his team has not done some things right. The lack of status of forces agreement is paramount to the cause of this angst right now. And I’m troubled by it.”

Rather than point out that it was Bush who signed the agreement to withdraw troops by 2012, MacCallum noted that having reviewed all of Bush’s statements, she said “pretty much everything” he predicted has happened.

Card replied, “This should be an all-hands-on-deck challenge for President Obama, but he doesn’t seem to recognize that. We need adult leadership, and we need people paying attention to what is happening diplomatically, potentially militarily, and certainly in the clandestine services.”

“He was too anxious to abandon successes in Iraq, and potentially Afghanistan, and be saddled with problems that will affect America for a very long time,” Card added. “So, not having a status of forces agreement in Iraq is a horrible problem President Obama is facing, and he created that problem.”

No. No he didn’t. Bush signed the agreement. There’s video. You were part of the Administration. What planet do these people live on?

Also, as Fawaz Gerges of the London School of Economics points out, “hundreds, if not thousands, of skilled officers of Saddam Hussein’s… joined ISIS” after Bush decided to break up the Iraq military.

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  • Kathi Geukes

    Figures she would leave out the most important facts because…you know…it’s Faux…where facts don’t matter…and if they do….so what??

  • Drumbum

    So if you want your kids to fight and die in Afghanistan, then the vote Republican. They are demonstrating that if they have a choice we will always be at war. Dear GOP, do us all a favor and just shoot your own children yourself and leave ours out of your next pointless series of war.

  • Geno Anderson

    We’ve got an unresolved immigration issue, voter suppression, the return of segregation in schools, children killing children, the re-escalation of racism, cities going bankrupt, a failing do nothing Congress, and are still rebuilding after a devastating depression, yet it is us that’s seeking further action in Iraq?! Let’s clean up around our own front door before we decide to go inflicting our “moral” views on someone else!!!

  • Beverly Brown


  • Charles Robinson

    I guess Obama hasn’t been looking hard enough for the weapons of mass destruction, because Bush must have been right about that too.