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Unreal: Cop Caught on Video Shooting Unarmed, HANDCUFFED Suspect – Won’t Be Charged

A newly released video shows an El Paso officer shooting an unarmed and handcuffed suspect at a jail house.

The video shows Officer Jose Flores and a guard dragging 37-year-old Daniel Saenz, a bodybuilder and former Mr. El Paso, through the jail corridors and outside after he “harmed himself” inside and was bleeding from his head.

The man struggles as Flores and the other guard move him and the officers lose control. As the guard struggles with the prisoner on the ground, Flores reaches for his Taser but thinks twice and pulls out his gun instead. When Saenz pushes the guard off, his arm hits Flores whose gun goes off.

A grand jury reviewed the security footage and decided not to indict Flores.

According to authorities, Flores wanted to take Saenz to a hospital to get his head treated after he cut himself open inside.

An investigation report says, “In the video, Officer Flores first reaches for his Taser. However, he decides not to deploy his Taser because he knew that Mr. Saenz – also earlier in the same day – had undergone five cycles of the Taser device, without effect. He had been Tased earlier in the day after he assaulted a police officer and other people at the hospital where he was being evaluated.”

“At the same moment Officer Flores draws his weapon, Mr. Saenz pushes off on that curb and, with remarkable strength, sends the civilian escort flying backwards,” the report says. “The civilian escort’s arm then hits the trigger hand of Officer Flores, causing his weapon to discharge.”

Saenz was hit in the shoulder but the bullet traveled to his heart. He was treated at the scene by Flores but died at the hospital later that day.

An autopsy found that Saenz had bath salts in his system.

Meanwhile, Flores has become a bit of a media sensation of late after he was recorded buying boots and socks for a cold 83-year-old homeless man.

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