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College Allowed 3 Frat Guys Who ‘Raped and Filmed’ Young Girl to Graduate While She Lost Her Financial Aid

A Virginia college student who was raped by three fraternity members is speaking out after the university allowed the three men to graduate while her grades slipped, her financial aid was revoked, and she ended up dropping out.

Speaking with The Daily Mail, 21-year-old Sarah Butters spoke to media for the first time since she was assaulted and filmed by three students during spring break last year.

The three James Madison University students were given a “unique” punishment after the school determined that the three assaulted the girl. The school gave them the punishment of “expulsion after graduation,” which, in case the irony is lost on you, doesn’t mean anything.

Two of the men were allowed to graduate this May while the other is allowed to return for his senior year next year.

Butters says,” I definitely blame them and I’m very angry. I had been drinking but they could have taken care of me or helped me but instead they took advantage. I will always be angry at them. They are the ones who made the decision to commit that act.”

After the incident, Butters, who was then a sophomore, struggled and her grades slipped. That led to her financial aid being revoked and she ended up dropping out.

Butters says she doesn’t remember the incident but found out there was a heinous video that the three men recorded.

“I asked the boys what they knew about this video and they told me, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,’” Butters said.

When she returned to Virginia, she learned that the video had been shared and was the talk of the school.

“I felt like the girl [in the video] wasn’t me. It was like looking at someone else. I was disgusted. I hated that this had been made public,” she said.

On a school gossip site, one student wrote, “No surprise here.” “How the f*** are these kids still on campus,” said another.

When Sarah reported the video to the school they found that the men were indeed guilty but were given the non-punishment of being “expelled” after they graduated.

“I told the hearing that I was not okay with that. I had to see them on campus. This did not affect their lives and it affected my life for a year,” Butters said.

After she appealed, the board once again decided on the post-graduation expulsion.

Thankfully, Butters has taken the case out of the school’s hands and has filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights who is now investigating James Madison University, along with 62 other colleges, for their handling of sexual assault cases.

“I feel like it sends an awful message to female students if someone like me, who has video evidence of being sexually assaulted cannot see her attackers punished. It was a miserable, stressful process. I feel it is putting other students at risk having these men walk around campus. Instead, JMU wanted to give these men diplomas,” Butters said.

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  • Leah P’Dexter

    Women need to start handling this themselves.

    • Sieben713

      What does that mean ?

      • Smooth

        It means, “Justice by Shotgun!”

        • Antonio K. Taylor

          Smooth I’m with you. If this was my child or loved one, their families would be grieving. Not celebrating their graduations.

      • LizDavies

        It means Friends don’t let friends vote for Republicans, since they’re the ones who keep trivializing rape.

        • Andrew Foss

          No, just, no. Friends don’t let friends vote Democrat, as the Democrats have a problem with women, or indeed anyone, having effective self protection.

        • PavePusher

          JMU looks to be a very politically liberal place, so I’m not sure what relevance your comment has. After all, Dems have a long and treasured history of ignoring their own rape culture too.

      • Antonio K. Taylor

        It also means women need to band together and get their own justice. This schools actions are despicable to say the least. This was justice ignored.

      • Sage

        I hope it means they shoot the sob’s

  • rogerrramjet

    ONCE again, no names. WHY NOT!

    • Marina Turner-stockton

      they were visible in the video

  • PavePusher

    Should have gone to the police/local D.A.
    And the school should be burned to the ground.

  • Baho Puwetmoh

    they release the victim’s name, but not the 3 assailants? WTF is wrong with these people